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Our financial section allows you compare to credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, car loans, bank accounts and insurance based on benefits, fees & charges. Our Telecoms section provides with you all the mobile phone plans and broadband plans available in Kuwait to provide you one place to find all the information you need.

Save time

Renovating your home or getting the right car takes time, let alone the time required to find the best way to finance it with options from Kuwaiti Banks. Or you may be looking for the right credit card for you but how do you find which one with so many options from Kuwaiti banks. compares the rates & benefits each credit card and personal loans such as Golf cards, airmiles cards, cashback cards. Save time & spend it with your friends and family.

Islamic banking

Islamic banking is an important part of the banking industry and banks are now working hard to come up with formulas and structures for credit cards and loans that are Sharia’h compliant. Some say the fees and rates are better, other use them due to their faith. We have now launched our Islamic Banking window where you can compare only Islamic credit cards, personal finance, vehicle finance, bank accounts and home finance.

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