Health Insurance Plans

Domestic Workers


Salary must be AED 4000 or less. Domestic worker jobs include:

  • Cooks
  • Drivers
  • Etc.



Must be an unemployed member of the family, for example:

  • Kids
  • Female spouse between ages 45-65
  • Male spouse under 65

Spouse (female)

Unemployed female spouse from ages 18 up to 45 years old


Unemployed parent and parent-in-law above the age of 65

*Above prices are vat exclusive

The Features

 Solution for individuals with low income or without salary

 High insurance cover up to AED 150, 000

 Drugs and other medicines cost are covered

 Physiotherapy treatment services are covered

 Vaccines, immunizations,and preventive service are included

 Ground transportation services in the UAE is offered

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Medical Cover

  • Annual upper aggregate claims limit is AED 150,000
  • Geographical scope: Within Dubai & the Northern Emirates & Indian
    SubContinent - for IP treatment only subject to prior approval
  • Country of Work residence(COWR) Dubai
  • The policy cover period is 12 months

Maternity Services

  • Coverage of a pregnant female is extended to provide the same benefits for a newborn child of that female for a period up to 30 days from its date of birth

More Features

  • Laboratory tests services
  • Radiology diagnostics services
  • The treatment for the Chronic and Pre-existing condition after the first 6 months of first scheme membership
  • The cost of accommodation of a person accompanying are in-patient in the same room
  • Preventive services, vaccines, and immunizations
  • Excluded healthcare services in case of medical emergencies
  • This policy offers in-patient services in rooms with two or more beds
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  • For Out-Patient maternity anti-natal services (8 visits to PHC for)
  • For in-patient maternity services. Maximum benefit 7,000 AED per normal delivery 10,000 AED for medically necessary C-section, complications and medically necessary termination


  • Up to a maximum of AED 500 per transaction and an annual aggregate cap of AED 1000. The insurer will cover 100% all expenses that above the mentioned caps.
  • Per visit up to AED 25 Specialists/Consultants.
  • Radiology diagnostic services
  • Physiotherapy treatment services Maximum 6 sessions per year.
  • Excluded healthcare services except in cases of medical emergencies


  • Drugs and other medicines: per each prescription up to an annual limit of 1,500 AED (including coinsurance).


The following is excluded from your policy

  • Services which are not medically necessary
  • All expenses related to dental treatment,prostheses and orthodontic treatments
  • Home, private nursing and childcare in the cases of travel
  • Personal comfort and convenience items
  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Services which do not require continuous specialized attention
  • Injuries resulting from a road traffic accident
  • Services for injuries and accidents arising from nuclear or chemical contamination
  • Any investigation or treatment not prescribed by a doctor
  • Injuries resulting from criminal acts or resisting authority
  • Diagnosis and treatment services for complications of exempted illnesses
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