Al Sagr National Insurance Company (ASNIC), Dubai, was incorporated on 25th December 1979 as a public shareholding company. The company has its branches all over the UAE, and has a large scale insurance interest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The company offers a range of products such as motor insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and many more.

What does this provider offer?

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive package indemnifies the insured against legal liability in case of accidental death of or injury to third parties and accidental loss of or damage to vehicles or property of third parties. On top of that, the package also indemnifies the insured against accidental loss of or damage to their own vehicle.

TPL (Third Party Liability) Coverage

Under the Third Party Liability (TPL) package, coverage in respect of Death and/or Bodily injury to any third party is unlimited (subject to the sum awarded by the court, whatever it may be). Damage to Third Party Property is covered upto the agreed amount.