According to statistics released by the Abu Dhabi Police, more than a whopping 4.5 million traffic fines were issued to drivers in Abu Dhabi in 2017, on account of violating traffic rules. Although, this number has dropped marginally from nearly 4.7 million traffic fines recorded in 2016, it still remains alarmingly high.

Drivers on Abu Dhabi roads need to be aware of the road safety measures to curb any untoward incident and avoid facing hefty penalties for unsafe driving.

Following are the list of major Abu Dhabi traffic fines that you must avoid while on the road:

Endangering the Lives of Others on the Road

If you drive your vehicle in such a way that is bound to put at risk the lives of other motorists or pedestrians on the road, you will face a traffic fine of AED 2,000 and your vehicle will be retained for a period of 60 days.

 Entering into a Restricted Area

There are certain places in Abu Dhabi where entry of private vehicles is not allowed. Such a rule, if broken, can attract a fine of AED 1,000. It also gets you 8 black points.

Driving with Worn-Out Tyres

Before you head out on the road in your vehicle, ensure that your tyres are in perfect condition so as to avoid any fine. Driving on the road with expired tyres attracts a fine of AED 500. You also accumulate 4 black points and face vehicle retention of 7 days.

 Driving Without Lights

If you are driving your vehicle at night without lights or are driving in foggy weather without lights, a traffic fine of AED 500 can be imposed on you in Abu Dhabi. Plus you also stand tagged with 4 black points.

While driving in foggy weather or when there’s a dust storm, you must abide by the above guidelines as well as drive within the stipulated speed limits to ensure your own safety.

Overtaking in a Wrong Way

Often, in a bid to surpass the vehicle ahead, reckless drivers tend to overtake the vehicle in a wrong and unsafe way. While this is a notorious cause of accidents on roads, it also is a major traffic rule violation attracting a fine of AED 600 and 6 black points.

Not Wearing a Helmet

Two-wheeler riders need to ensure extra safety given the number of SUVs and heavy vehicles on Abu Dhabi roads on a regular basis. Wearing a helmet is compulsory, failing which a fine of AED 500 is imposed on the defaulter along with 4 black points.

Making a Wrong U-turn

A wrong U-turn can not only put you, but also the vehicles coming from behind or the opposite site at risk. A U-turn from an undesignated area is a major traffic violation. For the same, you are charged a traffic fine of AED 500 plus 4 black points.

Improper Parking

Parking woes are a common problem in all cities which have a heavy flow of traffic. Same is the case in Abu Dhabi. However, the police have taken strict measures to ensure proper parking of vehicles so as to avoid clogging and traffic jams. Improper parking attracts a fine of AED 500. And wrongful parking in front of a fire hydrant or in special-needs parking zones can attract a fine of AED 1,000 along with 6 black points.

 Vehicle Number Plate not Visible

It is imperative that you maintain your vehicle number plate so that it reflects the identity of your vehicle from a distance. A vehicle plate that is unclear attracts a fine of AED 400 in Abu Dhabi.

No Vehicle Registration Card

Before you drive, make sure that your vehicle registration card is up to date and in your possession. A fine of AED 400 is levied in case the driver is not carrying or fails to provide the registration card of the vehicle he is driving.

Final Take…

While you should be cautious while driving, there are certain traffic violations you could commit even without intention. It is best to know exactly what counts as a penalty, so you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law.