Don’t know what to watch this Ramadan? It’s tough competition in terms of Ramadan TV this year with the World Cup on for half of the Holy Month – women are therefore the biggest target audience and some 70 percent of new content airing over the next month is drama.

All programs listed show daily, on free-to-air channels.

1. Bab Al-Hara part 6

MBC Drama, 21:00 KSA/ 22:00 UAE

Social drama Bab Al-Hara, set in 1920s French imperialist Damascus, returns for the first time since 2010. Abu Issam returns to the neighborhood when everyone thinks he is dead.

2. Saraya Abden

Abu Dhabi TV, 00:00 KSA/ 01:00 UAE

New Egyptian historical drama Saraya Abdeen is set in the court of Khedive Ismail and follows the bitter rivalry between his Circassian wife Jilnar (Nelly Karim), his mother the Queen and his main concubine Jawarah.

3. Al Ghorbal

Abu Dhabi TV, 01:00 KSA/ 02:00 UAE

A new drama series set in Ottoman-ruled Damascus. The story begins with the killing of a neighborhood elder who holds important documents, leaked by the government (Saraya).

4. Halawet Al-Roh

Abu Dhabi TV, 22:00 KSA/ 23:00 UAE

In this new drama, Sarah returns to her homeland to make a documentary following the youth of Syria risking their lives to try to save their country from destruction.

5. Kalam ala Waraq (Words On Paper)

MBC Drama 15:00 KSA/16:00 UAE

This new Haifa Wehbe drama revolves around a murder by a hitman in Beirut which leads to Wehbe’s character being accused of the killing. Also stars Ahmed Zaher, Ahmed Saadani, Regina and Hussein Imam.

6. Lel Hob Kalemah

Abu Dhabi TV, 00:00 KSA/ 01:00 UAE

A modern Khaleeji drama portraying Gulf traditions and customs, the power and rights of women and role of the father in the family.

7. Itiham (Accusation)

Abu Dhabi TV, 23:00 KSA/ 00:00 UAE

Drama starring Maryam Fares as a young girl, Rim, who has to go to work early in life to support her family after the death of her father while her mother grieves. Also stars Hasan Alrdad and Azat Abu Auf.

8. Khwater 10

MBC1, 18:30 KSA/ 19:30 UAE

Cultural documentary Khwater is back for its tenth series this Ramadan. The Saudi presenter of the show, Ahmed Al Shuqairi, says viewers are in for a treat this series – he is heading to America and Japan to compare their cultures to the Middle East.  The show has been a hit for Arab youth, especially in Saudi Arabia.

9. Shaabiyat Al Cartoon 9

Sama Dubai, 18:40 KSA/ 19:40 UAE

Emirati animation Shaabiyat Al Cartoon is back for a ninth, 3D season in its multinational Dubai neighborhood – expect more adventures from Chambah, Osman, Boumher, Buslaman, Afary, Atoukh, Hanafi and Dhim.

10. Khussa Busa 3

Abu Dhabi TV, 18:40 KSA/ 19:40 UAE

This animated 3D Emirati series, directed by UAE film-maker Najla Al-Shehhi, is back with a high-tech new look in its third series, continuing to follow the daily life of the Khussa Busa family in the UAE as they deal with rising prices and private teachers.

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