The much-awaited trip with friends, a family vacation or a solo trip to set on a new adventure, holidays are definitely the time of the year we all look forward to. From the travel to the hotel, sightseeing and more, you only hope for it all to go smoothly.

But sometimes holidays don’t quite go as planned, and it’s always better to be prepared for whatever is to come your way.

Below are 10 things that can go wrong while on your holiday:

You get into legal trouble

While landing up in legal trouble on your holiday is something you would least expect, it could happen to you. It’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the local laws and customs of the destination you’re traveling to. Something that may be legal at home could be illegal in other countries and simply being unaware could get you into trouble. Instead of going into panic mode, stay calm and try to find a reasonable way out.  You might be surprised to know that your travel insurance can come to your rescue in the event you are held legally liable by a third party.

You get sick

Who doesn’t wish to try the mouth-watering delicacies of the foreign land, a new adventure sport or simply make the most of the pleasant weather? While nobody thinks about getting sick, food poisoning, an injury or even mild flu can turn your holiday sour.

You can take several measures to minimize the chances of spending your holiday in bed such as; drinking loads of water, washing your hands regularly, carrying vitamins, getting plenty of sleep, etc. With that said, travel insurance is definitely a good idea to make sure you don’t pay for your medical expenses out of your own pocket.

Accidental Injury

Accidents can happen during the least adventurous and low key holidays. Slipping on the swimming pool steps or tripping over a bag, accidents big or small are not just a buzzkill, they also hit your pocket. But with travel insurance, expect some relief in the form of reimbursement on your medical expenses related to the accidental injury.

Loss of Passport

Losing your passport right before your trip or while on your holiday is no less than a nightmare. While the replacement passport may not be in your control, what can give you some relief is your travel insurance policy. Most travel insurances cover pre-departure trip cancellation benefits which will reimburse you for pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses, should you not be able to travel. And if you lose your passport while abroad, your travel insurance assists you with the whole situation and pays for the consulate charges and any additional expenses you incurred to receive a replacement passport.

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Missed or delayed flights

This is probably the easy and avoidable one that’s within your power- to not miss a flight. Keeping a backup alarm and leaving early enough (especially during the holiday season) are some of the things that can help you be on time for your flight. But don’t worry, an unexpected turn of events such as adverse weather conditions or a mechanical breakdown of your car on the way to the airport can be claimed for under your travel insurance policy which will take care of the rest.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster is something you cannot predict or contain. Even though you may think it’s highly unlikely to happen to you while on your holiday, you can’t rule out the possibility of one. If you are traveling to a place which is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, educate yourself on how to safeguard yourself in such an event.

Lost or Stolen luggage

Whether your luggage was lost by the airline, in the cab or at the hotel, you would need to report the loss or theft to the authorities and the police as soon as possible to be able to claim your travel insurance. Keep in mind your insurance will only be a source of relief in cases where the loss or theft was not due to your negligence.

Mugging and Robbery

Tourists are often at a risk of getting robbed or mugged, and this could happen to anyone, anywhere. This calls for an extra cautiousness when it comes to money and valuables. The smart thing to do is to carry a mix of money- cards, cash and travelers’ cheques so that even if you were caught in a bad situation, you wouldn’t be empty handed for the rest of the trip. Make copies of your important documents such as your passport, itineraries, insurance information and so on.  You can even make a claim for pickpocketing under your travel insurance policy.

Bad Weather

You can’t really predict the weather and if you have some bad luck coming your way, your holiday plans might be affected due to severe or bad weather conditions. Heavy snowfall, flash floods, and hurricanes can force you to cancel your trip or abandon it if you find yourself stuck in a foreign country. As mentioned in your travel insurance policy, you will be able to recover any unused and nonrefundable expenses in case extreme weather conditions hamper your holiday plans.

House Burglary

You are having the time of your life on your holiday, but what about your house back home? The last thing you want after a great holiday is to come back to a burgled home. To make sure this is not a sight that awaits you at home, safeguard your home and its belongings with the right home insurance policy from