Are you going on holiday soon? Have you thought about what you’re going to do with your car while you’re away? While most of us think leaving our car in the garage or a shaded area is enough, there are other maintenance steps to consider before leaving. Below are few steps you can follow to keep your car in good running order when you return.

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Step 1: Your car needs its nutrients

Getting your car serviced before leaving for holiday is mandatory as old oil can contain moisture and contamination such as metal particles, sludge and other chemicals that can cause corrosion. A new oil can help keep engine lubricated and clean but make sure to run the car for 15 minutes after changing so it can circulate within the engine.

Step 2: Fill the fuel tank with fresh premium oil

When a car is left unused for long time the interior of fuel tank can begin to rust and the particles can later block the fuel intake pipe. Filling the fuel tank to the brim can help avoid moisture to settle within the tank and avert rusting.

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Step 3: Inflate the tires to proper pressure

When a car remains at a stationary position for a long time, flat spots could develop due to sheer weight of the car. A simple solution could be to keep tires inflated at the required PSI (pounds per square inch). If your car is parked in an indoor garage you can also remove all tires and place the car on a jack. It may require more effort but will cut the cost of purchasing new set of tires.

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Step 4: Don’t let the battery die on you

Before leaving your car idle for long period, remove the battery as it can get drained automatically if it’s connected with terminals and not being used regularly. Storing the battery in a cool and dry environment can help keep it charged along with applying grease on terminal ends. This technique will save you the struggle when restarting your car. Only drawback is that the digital components within the car will need reconfiguration such as radio and digital clock.

Step 5: Release the parking brake

It can be a good idea to use the parking brake when you are away for few days. But when you are away for more than a month it is advised not to use the handbrake. The reason being, the brake pads can stick to the rotor. Viable option can be to use a wheel stopper also known as ‘chock’.

Step 6: Use car cover for outdoor storage

Staying in UAE we all have experienced unexpected dust storms and high temperatures. If the car is sitting straight under the sun it can damage the cars exterior and interior in long term. Use weather proof cover to safeguard from sun and at the same time keep it dry.

Step 7: Get your own indoor parking

Are you worried about your car sitting under scorching sun? No need to worry. Now you can rent storage units and place your car in them. These units are designed to protect your car at all times from high temperature and prevent body paint from fading, keep your engine clean and away from getting clogged, keep your battery alive, and safe from theft. For more convenience pick up and drop off service is provided.

Step 8: Clean up your car

Many of us love to munch some snack while driving. Unknowingly we tend to drop crumbs around maybe below the seats or door pockets. These crumbs begin to rot overtime and can be a reason behind car odor.

Step 9: Remove the spark plugs

Last step might not be convenient for many but if you have basic engine knowledge spark plugs can be removed from the engine. This is done when a car is not going to be used for more than 30 days. Also don’t forget to spray a bit of oil into the plug socket before putting them back again. But make sure the spark plugs are removed only if you have expertise knowledge.

Step 10: Remind yourself

After returning back from a trip, it can be a bit difficult to recollect where you have placed certain things from your car. Simple thing to do is to note them down on a sheet of paper and place it in the car so the next time when you sit in your car, you know exactly what to do.

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