We have a full guide to home insurance but these are the top things to know if you don’t have time to read it. Now go compare!

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1. All valuables covered – even outside the home.

Home contents insurance covers all of your valuables, even if you lose them while you are outside of your home. So yes, your mobile phone is covered too.

2. Landlord liability included

Contents insurance will usually cover you against the liability to your landlord.

3. It’s speedy!

The process of buying home insurance takes as little as 48 hours.

4. Different policies are available

Home insurance policies are available in three forms

  • Personal belongings – Only ‘moveable’ items such as jewelry and mobile phones
  • Contents – Existing content in the household, e.g furniture, TV etc
  • Building – Insurance cover on the actual villa or apartment, if you are a landlord

5. A lot is covered by home insurance

Home insurance policies can offer all of the below to ensure that you have all areas covered:

  • Loss of rent: As a landlord, some policies cover your loss of rent while property is damaged.
  • Alternative accommodation: Your insurance can provide you with alternative accommodation while repairs on your home are taking place.
  • New for old replacement: Should your items be damaged due to an incident in the home, you can replace the items based on the value they were when you purchased them, as opposed to their current market value.
  • Domestic help: You can choose to cover your domestic help for accidental medical expenses or death/ disability.