Home insurance protects you against financial losses caused by destruction, damage or theft to your home or property. While most home owners have some kind of insurance, be it contents or building, complete knowledge about the product is essential in order to benefit from it.

According to a survey by Souqalmal.com earlier this year, 86% of UAE residents don’t have a home content insurance of which  45%, don’t consider it a priority while 34% said they were not sure how to obtain it.

While you may think that you know all about your home insurance, below are a few items which you may not have realized are covered under your home insurance.

Lost wallet

Found out that your wallet has gone missing? You might not be aware of this, but your lost or stolen wallet can be covered under your home insurance policy. It can also include the cost of reapplying for all the personal papers and payment cards that were in the wallet.
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Key replacement cover

Did you know that your home insurance pays for replacement of locks and keys if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged? If you think you’re one of those who frequently gets locked out and trips to the locksmiths are routine, make sure the cost of replacing your locks and keys is paid for by your home insurance provider.

Mobile phones or portable equipment

Our mobile phones have become a necessity and we spend a fortune on the latest devices to keep up with the trends. But owning expenses devices also makes you vulnerable to risks such as theft, loss or damage. That’s why insurance providers offer mobile insurance plans specially designed to cover lost devices.

If you’re planning to invest in an mobile insurance plan, it’s worth checking if your current home insurance has your devices covered. For example the AXA Home Comfort Policy’s contents insurance provides mobile phone cover inside your premises. You can also extend the cover to outside the premises.

Moving to a new home

Your home contents insurance can also cover any loss or damage to contents of your house while you’re moving them to a new house. So make sure you reimburse any damages caused by you or the movers while transporting contents. Zurich Home Contents insurance is one such insurance providing this cover.

Frozen Food

The food in your freezer is not first thing on your mind when selecting a home insurance policy, but imagine the cost of losing the frozen food that you stocked up for the family barbecue. Frozen food cover is a standard feature of most insurance polices in the UAE.