Now that your cruise vacation is booked and you are ready to sail away, the last thing you want to think about is a misfortune that could ruin your vacation. A cruise holiday is meant to be fun and relaxing. It is the perfect opportunity to leave all your worries ashore.

But whether you are soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean or island-hopping in the Caribbean, sometimes things may just go awry unexpectedly. Here are five things that could potentially go wrong on your cruise vacation, along with tips on how to plan ahead and prepare for such situations.

Your cruise may get cancelled

Sometimes spotty weather will prevent your ship from sailing altogether. There are a number of reasons that can shorten, delay, or cancel your vacation. Apart from inclement weather, human error too could be the reason for delays. In this case, cruise ships will either provide guests with alternative accommodation or offer a refund.

You may fall sick

The one reason that is most likely to ruin your vacation on a cruise is much closer to home – You may either fall sick or get injured. All major cruise liners have a small medical team on board that can offer basic or emergency medical care if you fall sick or sustain an injury while on the cruise. However, they may not be able to provide you specialized or sophisticated care. Keep an eye out for your family members or friends on board, and report to the ship crew if you start feeling sick or hurt yourself.

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You snooze, you lose the cruise!

This is so common that it is actually funny how many people miss their cruise! Do you really want to watch your boat sail away into the horizon with you left behind? Cruise ships operate with clockwork precision and if you don’t arrive on time, you will be left behind! This can be a very costly mistake as you would have to make alternative arrangements for your transportation and accommodation, in addition to the money you lost on a missed vacation. Make sure you arrive well in time and factor in delays caused due to traffic jams or other such possibilities.

Classic case of an identity crisis – Losing your documents

When you take a cruise vacation, you are supposed to carry your original travel documents. Without a visa or requisite travel documents, you will not be allowed onboard. It is also important to ensure that your documents are valid for at least six months after your cruise ends. Some countries also require proof of vaccination, legal documents for your kids, etc. Experts suggest that travelers should carry copies of their documents so that you have some proof in case you lose the originals.

Keep an eye out for pirates

This is not based on Hollywood movie fiction, but on actual facts! Pirates are as real as your cruise holidays and so is the danger. Sea crime is still prevalent today and pirates these days are well equipped with new age weapons. They could be after anything, from hostages to money or cargo. Even though they rarely attack cruise ships, that doesn’t mean it will not happen. Luckily, cruise companies are aware of the risk and make necessary arrangements to prevent such an attack.

Travel insurance for your cruise holidays

There are some very real possibilities that can affect your cruise trip and dampen your spirits. But you can at least hedge the damage caused due to these reasons if you have adequate travel insurance.

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