It is no enigma that starting a new academic term is a daunting task for parents. Here are a few tips to ensure that this year’s trip back to school is convenient (and preferably smooth).

1. Weeklong regime: Get yourself and your children in the school routine a few days or preferably a week earlier. Eating and sleeping habits should be re-scheduled earlier for children to attend the first day or school comfortably.

2. Festival’s festivities: Encourage children to save a bit of their festival gifts and money to spend during the academic year. They may even help parents to sponsor an extra curricular activity or school trip.

3.  Bring on the mood: Entice toddlers or first-time school goers into loving the schooling atmosphere. Talk to them about the school, the activities, the colorful classrooms, etc.  Maybe even try and bring him or her to a little school tour.

4. Head to the aisle: Try and stock food supplies for children a few days earlier so that the first week is focused entirely on supporting children settle in their routines. Pack in their favorite snacks for lunchtime to encourage their academic return.

5. Play dates with others joining the same class : Try and get some playdates with others who you know will be joining the same class.  This can help your child with familiar faces on the first day of school and make it a little less of a totally new environment.

The first day of school can be a real stress for many parents.  Make sure you have spoken to the teacher to get a sense of his or her personality and you can prepare your child.  You know your child better than everybody else so have a think about what would potentially be a hurdle and start working on making them more comfortable with their fears.

It is not the easiest day of being a parent, so reach out to your social network and try to get some experiences from other parent.  If you have any experience or tips to share, we are inviting you to share them on our facebook post where we are asking for input from parents on how they cope with the first day of school