How well do you know your travel insurance policy? Most of us know about the standard benefits like emergency medical expenses, flight and baggage delays, trip cancellation, and missed departures. But are you aware of the various other benefits and additional risks that your policy covers you for?

Here’s a look at five interesting and useful benefits of travel insurance policies you probably didn’t consider before:

Legal expenses while you’re abroad

Hand about to bang gavel

What if you meet with an accident while traveling abroad? Did you know that other than covering your emergency medical expenses, your travel insurance policy could also help you sue the party at fault, and claim damages?

Once you’ve informed the insurance company, they may even be able to appoint an attorney to represent you. Make sure you keep your travel insurance company in the loop at all times. Do not pay a third party or try to negotiate or settle with a legal representative without the insurer’s consent, as this may adversely affect your claim.

Loss of passport and related expenses

Travel documents passport and airline tickets

What could be more traumatizing than losing your passport or having it stolen while you’re on holiday? You will have to immediately file a police complaint, get in touch with your country’s consulate or embassy, apply for a new passport and then wait for maybe a few days to a few weeks while your request is processed.

Lucky for you, most travel insurance plans cover the extra transport and lodging expenses as well as administrative fees incurred when applying for a temporary passport and visa. You will also be able to receive assistance regarding what to do and who to contact through your travel insurance company’s international helpline.

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Optional cover for winter sports

Snowboarder sliding down a slope

What could be better than jetting off to the snowy mountains of Europe to escape Dubai’s hot and humid weather? Imagine enjoying a skiing trip with your family on the snow-clad Alps! Though such winter sports may be an exhilarating experience, they do involve an element of risk. Therefore, if you’re going on such a trip, consider opting for a winter sports travel insurance cover.

This cover is usually designed as an optional feature in your travel insurance policy, available only if you pay an additional premium. Depending upon the terms of the policy, winter sports insurance may include sporting activities like skiing, snowboarding and sledging. An ideal policy would cover emergency medical expenses if you sustain an injury, evacuation, trip cancellation, and loss of sporting equipment amongst others.

Kennel and cattery fees

Funny pug dog in the dog house

So you’ve left your beloved pet in a kennel or cattery while you’re going on holiday. Fair enough, but what happens if you’re not able to make it back on time? There’s a unique cover offered by a handful of travel insurance policies in the country, which can cover the extra fees charged by a kennel or cattery in such a case.

Remember to read the terms of your policy, as such fees may only be covered if you’re not able to return on the scheduled date, due to a personal medical emergency or if you’re hospitalized abroad.

Additional cover for golfers

Golf player at the putting green

Whether you’re going on a golfing trip abroad, or simply plan on enjoying an 18-hole round of golf while you’re on holiday, an additional golf cover might just be what you need!

A golf cover is usually an optional policy benefit that comes with an extra premium. It will not just cover the medical cost of treating sporting injuries, but also cover any unused green fees, loss and replacement of golfing equipment, and non-refundable golf reservations.

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