Winter is almost over and it’s time to welcome the summer. Since the weather can be harsh, you need to make sure you’re prepared. When it comes to cars it’s not the body that takes all the beating but it’s the tires that get affected the most. The reason is simple, they are in direct contact with the roads, and they carry up to one hundred and twenty times their own weight, going through rough terrains. That’s why proper maintenance of tires is more important than you think. After all you don’t want to be stuck with a flat tire on the side of the road during the scorching summer. Below are few checkpoints to help assess the heath of  your tires.

Tire Pressure

Check tire pressure on a regular basis, preferably every alternate week. It can help you identify if there is a puncture and it improves road traction. Also, maintaining the right tire pressure reduces the load on the engine and reduces fuel consumption.

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Wheel Balancing and alignment

Wheel balancing and alignment can be more important than you think. Wheel balancing usually takes place when replacing the tires by attaching a lead weight on the wheel rim. It helps in maximizing stability by reducing vibration, increases the life of tires and reduces stress on engine compartment. You can also save on fuel.

Wear and tear

Tires go through tough terrains and can take a beating. Keep a check on tire conditions to ensure the tread depth are not worn out. If this is ignored it may reduce the tires ability to grip onto the road which can be hazardous.

New tires at the back

When getting a new pair of tires they should first be installed on the rear side. The reason is simple, newer tires help in case of emergency braking, better control on wet surfaces, and overall better handling in spite of being rear or front wheel drive.

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Store your tires

When your car is not in use, the tires still get worn out. Because of the sheer weight of the car flat spots can start to develop overtime disturbing the tires surface. When storing tires, keep them away from any heat source, don’t stack them on each other for prolonged periods and keep them away from any material that can penetrate into the tire.

Tire valves

The modules of the valve in the tire are made up of rubber and can lead to deterioration overtime. It is a primary air seal and needs to be replaced regularly which can help in increasing the life of tires and maintaining air pressure.

Did you know?

From January 2017, it will be mandatory for all tires manufactured and sold to have fuel efficiency and wet grip rating revealed by a top Emirates Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Good rated tires can save customers up to 20% on fuel compared to poor rated tires.