UAE is home to some of the most expensive cars in the world from Bugatti to old classics which can be seen on the roads. Owners of these high-value cars require unique extensions to their motor insurance policy. Considering the value of the cars and drivers’ profile, few insurance companies do provide some additional benefits on top of general comprehensive insurance to the insurance holder. Here are some of them.

Umbrella policy

What this means is if you are an owner of multiple cars and have been loyal to your insurance provider, you can be eligible for a discount by insuring all cars with the same insurance company.

Car replacement up to 24 months

For high-value cars, insurance companies can waive off depreciation of the car between 6 to 24 months and can even be subjected to replacement if the car is totaled (beyond repair). This depends on the insurance provider as not all of them may offer this benefit.

Natural Disasters

Insurance companies provide complete protection against any natural calamity such as rains, typhoons, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Any damage caused to any premium cars due to the factors mentioned above could be costly if it’s not covered by the motor insurance.

Classic cars

Unlike ordinary cars where its value decreases due to depreciation, for classic cars the value increases over time. Some insurance companies in the UAE do offer comprehensive cover for such vintage models taking into consideration drivers’ profile and driving history. Also, vintage cars which are kept as collectibles by car enthusiasts also need to be insured under ‘art collection insurance’ provided the vehicle is not driven.

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Premium rent-a-car

Insurance companies do provide rental cars when your car is in a garage. Generally, cars offered in the policy include Toyota Yaris, Nissan Sunny and sometimes Mazda 3/6. However, executive individuals get the priority to be eligible for a premium rental car such are Mercedes C 200 or better. If a high-value car is insured most insurance providers will provide this feature along with the policy, if it is not a part of your policy an additional premium may be charged.