In an interview with 7 Days UAE, Souqalmal CEO & Founder Ambareen Musa reflects on how her personal experiences led to the birth of Souqalmal, what keeps her going and how she wants to make a real difference by empowering users to make the right decision.

People who meet or work with entrepreneur Ambareen Musa will know her as an astute businesswoman, an influential disruptor and a slick operator.

They will use words like savvy and sharp to describe her. And she is all of those things – but, as Ambareen will tell you herself, her success was born from being caught out by a financial detail she missed.

Her fervent desire to help other people avoid the same trap has been the impetus behind, the business she started four-and-a-half years ago and now the UAE’s number one financial comparison website.

“The UAE is over-indebted,” said Ambareen.

“And one of the reasons we are over-indebted is a lack of education and awareness about finances. I myself was caught out seven years ago.

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