7 Days published an article on men vs women drivers in the UAE , based on the survey by Souqalmal.com.

Nearly two-thirds of women surveyed in Dubai believe that men are better drivers. The survey by Souqalmal.com revealed that out of 500 female respondents, 65 per cent of them think that men are better behind the wheel than women.

However, statistics from the Dubai Police show that women actually cause fewer accidents than men.

In the first half of 2013, men were responsible for 87 per cent of accidents, while crashes caused by women injured 139 people and those caused by men injured 941.

The CEO of Souqalmal.com, Ambareen Musa, believes people still have the perception that “cars are a man’s world”.

Musa said: “My personal opinion is that women think men have a certain confidence when they drive. The survey showed that many of them take a male’s advice before purchasing a car and that shows that there is still a perception that cars are a man’s world.

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