We all know the importance of wearing a seat belt and the risks of driving under the influence or texting/talking on the phone behind the wheel. However, there are certain driving mistakes that most of us commit without even realizing, which are just as bad, if not worse. Wondering whether you’re guilty of any one of them? Here are seven unintentional driving mistakes that you should definitely ‘steer’ clear of the next time you are on the road:

Wrong seating position

Pushing your seat too far back may allow you some extra legroom or make you feel comfortable, but it’s not the recommended posture for a driver. Sitting in a position that’s too comfortable while driving can slow down your reflexes and impact your reaction time. Conversely, sitting uptight and near the steering wheel will keep you aware and allow that precious extra second’s edge in a situation that may require a quick reaction.

Leaving your high beam on

High beam is meant to be used on highways or roads with no street lights, but many drivers leave these blinding lights on all the time. High beam can effectively blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles and may cause a collision. [Related: The Dubai Traffic Fines You Need to Be Aware Of]

Making a turn without indicating

Turn signals are very important as they help communicate your intentions to the other drivers. Making a sudden turn or changing lanes without using a signal can lead to confusion and may cause an accident since the driver following you will be caught off-guard. In fact, sudden swerving is one of the leading causes of road fatalities in the UAE, causing nearly 1/4th of total deaths every year.

Switching lanes while turning

Changing multiple lanes while making a turn is a big mistake that can not only disrupt the flow of traffic but can also lead to a collision. Most drivers suddenly switch to a wrong lane without giving any signal to the traffic approaching from behind and end up cutting into the way of other motorists.

Wrong rearview mirror adjustment

Side and rear view mirrors are like the eyes in the back of your head and serve an important role in lane driving. If these mirrors are not adjusted in sync with your height or seating position, you will find the view obstructed and will be forced to adjust your own position to see what’s approaching from behind. This will take your focus away from what is front of you, which could be dangerous. Remember to adjust the mirrors in a way so that you only have to move your eyes and not your head when using them. [Related: 5 car insurance myths we all fall for]

Speeding up at the yellow light

Yellow light is an indication to slow down and not speed up. However, most drivers take it to mean that they should quickly jump the signal before it turns red. Such hastiness and impatience can lead to major intersection collisions.

Stopping suddenly without warning

Perhaps the most dangerous thing that drivers do is stop or slow down their vehicles without giving any prior signal to the other drivers. Not being mindful of other vehicles on the road is bound to cause an accident with no one to blame but you. Above all the safety measures you can take, there is one that you must never forget – having the right car insurance cover. A suitable motor insurance plan will protect you against any unforeseen circumstances and take care of legal liabilities if something goes wrong. Looking for car insurance in the UAE? Compare multiple quotes on Souqalmal.com and find a plan that matches all your needs.