We’ve all been in a situation where all we wanted was to wish away our financial burdens. Although your financial commitments won’t just disappear overnight, there are some simple ways of increasing your financial efficiency and saving extra money.

In this article, we’re going to discuss seven essential life hacks that will help you save thousands of Dirhams. 

Cook more often instead of eating out all the time

Most working folks today tend to eat out most of the time. But imagine how the bills would add up over time – Your daily barista-prepared coffee, that packaged salad or sandwich for lunch, and take-out or home-delivered food plus the delivery charges! And you’re not just splurging money but compromising on your health too. The solution is quite simple – start cooking your meals more often and even pack meals for lunch at work. If you make a habit out of it – Preparing weekly grocery shopping lists, designing a weekly meal plan, looking up quick and easy recipes online – You’ll realize it isn’t all that difficult at all. 

Create a new e-mail address and sign up for discounts and rewards 

Signing up for reward cards and discounts is usually all well and good, if not for the spam. Many of the stores sell your email address to advertisers who then begin flooding your inbox with messages every other day. To counter this and to truly tap into your true ‘deal scouting’ and ‘reward earning’ potential, create a new email address specifically for the purpose of shortlisting the best discounts and offers for yourself.

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Join a Facebook group or community to take advantage of amazing deals

Browse Facebook and ask around for invitations to closed groups and online communities that you can be a part of. There are usually Facebook groups for people living in the same area or for new mums, book lovers, people with similar interests etc. These groups are a great place to find deals on used goods – books, furniture, toys, you name it! Additionally, you’re likely to come across special discounts, freebies and giveaways through these groups too.

When sales are on, go big!

A good and authentic sale is a great opportunity to score big savings. When you do spot one, make sure you make the most of it. If possible, stock up on durable goods and long shelf life items available at heavy discounts. This could be dresses in one or two sizes up for your child for using later, or a stock of non-perishable food items or even soap, cleaning materials and other household essentials. While you may be spending a hefty sum on buying things in bulk, it can amount to big savings in the long run.

Erase payment information from online shopping sites

Having your payment information readily stored on sites such as Amazon or other retail and fashion sites, increases the chances of impulsive buying every time you go online. Erasing this credit card payment information would, on the other hand, force you to have a second thought every time you want to purchase something, given that it is not as easy to have the impulse validated now. 

Go DIY and attempt smaller projects by yourself

When there’s a plumbing or repair issue, most individuals would instinctively call on a handyman without thinking much of it. Not only will you pay the standard call-out fee but also pay for the replacements and fittings that are probably being sold at a premium too. This may not be the ideal thing to do especially if you’re trying to save money. How about trying to solve the problem by yourself or at least giving it a go once before giving up? You may find that most of these tasks are not entirely impossible to take on, and you could save big bucks in the process too.

Regularly clear out closets and sell stuff that you don’t need

The closet is usually a dark place, accumulating all of the junk from many years and various phases of your life. Most people don’t recognize that the vast majority of their belongings are just not must-keep at this point in their life. So make sure that you regularly clear out the closets and sell items that you don’t need. This can help free up space, keep your house organized, and also add a few extra bucks to the wallet. 

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