Humans have evolved a lot. They went from surviving in caves to living in the biggest of mansions. At the same time we have forgotten about the planet that nurtures us. It is general understanding that if we take care of our planet, it can give us massive returns and increase sustainability of the environment. Going green has many benefits as it will not only help the earth, it will save you big bucks too. Environment friendly ways of doing business can give a revolutionary and polished image to your organisation.  Here are few ways your business can actually save big bucks by going green:

Reusable Products

In case of a retail business, reusable shopping bags are the best way to do marketing. It will leave a lasting impression as your brand name will be in front of people’s eyes. Also, consumers are more likely to use reusable bags.

Going Paperless

Using cloud-based technology can help companies keep a track of their documents in real time.  Reducing paper waste helps cut the cost of buying office stationery by almost half.

Investor Potential

Going green means you have a business model that is working on reducing its overhead costs. This is a great catch for investors, who are more likely to be interested in dealing with your business. As they will have a larger return on their money, which will help you gain a mighty investment.

Water Dispensing System

Instead of offering water bottles as a courtesy to guests, it is more efficient to install a water dispensing system. A quite good amount of money will be saved as it will benefit employees and customers alike.


Companies that provide incentives for carpooling or have their own pick and drop services are more likable. It is a great motivator for employees to come on time along with reducing the number of vehicles on the road. So, this will not only improve air quality, it will also strengthen working relationships among employees.

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Low Utility Cost

Utility costs can range up to thousands of dollars per month for large businesses. However, taking small steps can lighten the weight on the company’s budget. Such as changing light fixtures to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Not only lasts long, they will also provide a purer source of light and consume less energy to work.


With the increase in technological use, there is almost very little need for employees to be present in the office. Companies that promote telecommuting, i.e. holding meetings over video conferences and all, are more progressive. Allowing employees to work from home is a smart tactic as they will not be using company utilities and equipment. This reduces company utility expense over time.