Buying car insurance can be easy if you know exactly what you need. The best way to do this is by asking the right questions when meeting agents or speaking to providers via telephone or online chat. You want to make sure you are paying for a policy which suits your needs and is not over your budget. Below are few important questions you should definitely be asking before getting a comprehensive car insurance policy.

How much premium am I supposed to pay?

When getting your motor insurance policy, the first and foremost question to ask is what is the premium you have to pay every year. The premium is calculated using a unique method based on a variety of factors such as new or used vehicle, year of manufacture, engine size, the age of driver and kilometers driven.

Does it have GCC cover?

If you frequently travel to neighboring GCC countries, ask if the policy will cover the region. Having GCC cover protects your car when you drive outside the UAE. If it is not already part of your policy, providers can add this cover for an additional cost.

Will I get roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance cover can be helpful especially if your car suddenly breaks down. Most insurance providers offer this in their comprehensive policies. If it’s not part of you policy, it can be added at an additional cost.

Do I get agency repair?

Wether your car will be repaired by an agency or another garage depends on your insurance policy. Not all insurance packages include agency repair and if you have opted for non-agency repair the car will be repaired in other garages (not at the car manufacturer) authorized by your service provider.

Do I get a rental car option?

It may not seem very important at first but in reality it can save you a lot of money and hassle. When your vehicle is in a garage due to an accident to get repaired, you will be given a replacement/rental car to get you around town.

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I have a 4×4 vehicle. Do I need an off-road cover?

Most insurance providers will cover your vehicle if it has off-road capability. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions as they vary among providers and to ensure you are covered during all instances.

How can I get NCD report? What is the purpose?

You can easily get hold of No Claims Discount report by requesting it from your previous insurance provider. NCD is a reward for insurance holders for their good driving record. You can be eligible for an NCD when you have not made any claims during the insured period.

Do you offer any discounts?

Insurance providers consider your profile and your driving history before giving you the price of the policy. You can always request for a discount especially if you have a car with low mileage during the insured period or have acquired a defensive driving course. This can work in your benefit and can result in a lower premium.

Should you accept an insurance offer from the car dealer?

If you are about to buy a brand new car from a local dealership, you might be offered a car insurance policy along with your car. It might seem like an easy option at that moment, but keep in mind many insurance providers form partnerships with automobile dealers. If you are about to get your car insured straight from the dealer make sure to ask the questions mentioned above to know about the key benefits of this policy and if you are getting value for your money.