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driving schools

Comparing Driving Schools In Dubai

Schools Rules and Regulations

Healthy eating in schools: Is it time for a new approach?

Child smiling in a classroom

Dubai schools improving despite challenges says KHDA

schoolgirl in library

Most viewed schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, June-Dec 2014

Man writes education words on board

KHDA praised in report – but should focus on ‘weaker’ schools

Child writes in school book, with apple and stationery on desk

American curriculum schools in Dubai

A yellow school bus

Regulating the UAE’s hundreds of international schools

School girl writes in book

Most viewed schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

60 Sharjah schools to increase tuition fees

Contracts being signed

Dubai schools launch parent-school contracts

Dubai schools need to improve Arabic education

Dubai schools need to improve Arabic education

Eight new schools

Eight new schools opening in Dubai

Dubai private schools ratings 2013-14: Half are good or outstanding

What do teachers think about schools in Dubai?

45% of UAE parents will consider changing schools if tuition fees increase

UAE schools are keeping parents up at night

Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi new residency rule and its effect on schools

schools in dubai

Schools in Dubai: An expensive deal

A girl standing near blackboard in the classroom

ADEC announces results of satisfaction surveys in Abu Dhabi schools


Schools in Dubai increase fees based on KHDA’s approval

Class room interior

Registration fees defended by UAE schools


Kids or cash: What is the real priority for UAE schools?

Do you speak Covid? 7 phrases to add to your pandemic vocabulary

School fees made more affordable for struggling parents

Trying to homeschool your kids? The struggle is real!


7 extreme DIY alternatives that will save you thousands


Looking for some long weekend inspiration?

School concept with books

Worried about school fees? Banks can help

school bag pack with stationery

Increasing school fees? Here’s what can help


7 Mistakes first-time home buyers MUST avoid


Apartment or Villa: Where Should You Move Next?


Buying a Home in the UAE? We’ll Help You Get Started


Money Lessons for Teens Before They’re Off to College

education fees

New Dubai School Waives First-Term Fee

back to school

Back-To-School Shopping on a Budget

Bank Satisfaction

Would You Recommend Your Bank? 32% Say ‘YES’…

Leaving the UAE

9 Must Do’s Before Leaving the UAE!

speed limits decrease

Weekly Newswatch: Speed limits decrease on UAE major roads

UAE VAT Exempts

Weekly Newswatch: UAE VAT Exempts On Duty-Free Products

extra cash

4 Creative and “Legal” Ways to Make Extra Cash


Building blocks: Create your child’s college fund


Get ready for a more expensive life in the UAE


Startup pitch to mentorship – Straight talk with Sonia Weymuller

The National: UAE families struggle to balance the cost of education

Tourism planning rendered

Save this week: Discounts on Eid getaways

cutting a credit card

Tired of being broke? Here’s how you can fix it

Colorful ring in swimming pool

Summer camps your kids will love

Movers unloading a moving van and passing a cardboard box

Relocating to the UAE? Insure your cargo

Group of school kids writing test in classroom

The school assessment checklist: What every parent needs to know

Dubai Taxi

What’s the cost of not having your car for a month?

Kids in a classroom

The benefits of a Bilingual programme in Early Years

United Arab Emirates National Flag

UAE National Day 2015: Celebrations and events

The arabic style villas

Five tricks to ensure a quick sale on your home

Good Magazine: Back to school

Dubai Media City skyline at dusk

Weekly NewsWatch: New UAE labour law

A child playing with a tablet

The role of technology in education

A person with credit card and using laptop computer for online shopping

Weekly NewsWatch: Rewards hit the mark for bank customers

50 Dubai Tweeters You Need To Follow Now

driving test

How To Prepare For Your Driving Test

career path

IB career-related programme: A new trend in education

sega republic

Save this week: Pay less at Sega Republic

Back to school hacks

Back to school

Back-to-school: The 10 step guide

Pupils in computer class at the elementary school

Computer coding: Can your kid become the next Mark Zuckerberg?

Apple on pile of books at the elementary school

Hundreds of parent-school contracts to be signed this year

Young boy in a field looking through binoculars

Languages, Sports or Performing Arts? Pick your summer camp

Graduation caps during commencement

A-level or IB: Which one is for you?

child draws with chalk on a blackboard

Special Education in the UAE: A teacher’s perspective

Boys playing with modelling clay in classroom at the nursery school

FS1 assessment: Are you prepared?

Two schoolchild with books in hand

Abu Dhabi and Dubai school registration dates for 2015-16

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Real Madrid, AC Milan and the Gulf football frenzy

healthy snacks for children

Balance your child’s snack

movie tickets and popcorn

Big screen movie deals and cinema offers in the UAE

Child kicking the ball

Is your child the next Ronaldo? Football academies in the UAE

Elementary school pupil and teacher

FS1/FS2 Assessment at Horizon International School in The National

Class room interior

Parents complain to KHDA about school fees

woman holding credit card

Best credit card offers in the UAE

Good magazine, featuring

Stationery in school book on desk

Abu Dhabi and Dubai school registration dates for 2015-16

A residential area of Dubai

Living in Dubai – Tips to finding your perfect home

Driver behind the wheel of a car

Other motorists are drivers’ biggest danger


Parents’ back to school nightmare? Tuition fees, of course

School girl in glasses and uniform works in book

Credit cards with school tuition fees discounts or cashback

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Moving to Dubai or the UAE: An expat guide

Girl writting on blackboard in school uniform

Big Deals Digest: Back to school offers

Check for $1m

More bounced checks, population boom: UAE round-up 25/6

UAE mobile wallet cashless banking UAE personal finance 0506

UAE mobile wallet cashless banking: UAE personal finance 05/06

Special needs education (SEN) teacher and child at school

Special needs education: Finding a school in the UAE

Dubai summer camps: Costs and options

working mother

Are UAE employers reluctant to employ mums with gap years in their CV?

Colorful ring in swimming pool

Keeping your kids entertained during spring break

How much does it cost to be eco-friendly?

How to purchase a buy-to-let property

Is your bank contributing to society?

Group of children studying in kindergarten school

MoE sets new age limit for KG1 admissions

Dubai school registration open dates for entry in 2014-2015

School registration in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi school registration for entry in 2014-2015

Money +/- happiness = ?