We all enjoy the perks of having air miles as a reward system. They can be used in travel, retail and even in banking. But with recent developments, the benefits of air miles might extend to buying property in the UAE.

Air Miles Discount

The development sector of MAG group, MAG Lifestyle Development signed a joint agreement with Etihad’s Loyalty Program. MAG (LD) aims to provide its members a 5% discount on selected properties in the UAE. In turn, Etihad will provide buyers a minimum of 1 Guest Mile for every AED 5 spent. This discount will only be applicable on the purchase of properties present in sectors MAG 318, MAG 5, MAG EYE and MBL residence. Moreover, customers will also have the opportunity to redeem their air miles towards their purchase. The offers will be available until April 30, 2020 for all members of the loyalty programme.

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Property Developments 

The idea of purchasing property using air miles is a regional first in the UAE. With such a development, the government hopes that it will exceed customer expectations and build new avenues for real estate investment across the world.

Furthermore, MAG Alliances are planning on partnering with top GCC organisations across various sectors. These include, Aviation, Banking, Healthcare and Education as well as with Government entities. Additionally, it aims to spread the MAG Alliances across Asia, Europe and the USA.