When visualizing our dream home, many of us think of a pad in an upscale district of a prominent metro or our home town. Some may even yearn for a hideaway surrounded by nature. But Dubai offers some interesting and quirky options for those more on the adventurous side. One of them is the boat house.

A Dubai developer is now offering 42 stationary luxury submarines within Nakheel’s World Islands master development. Each submarine is expected to include three levels including an underwater master bedroom and bathroom.  The project is scheduled for completion by end-2016. With each floating apartment priced at more than 2.3million dirhams, the project could appeal more to the higher income bracket of the population.

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If living on a boat home sounds enticing but above your budget, there are a few other options you could consider for an alternative home:

Floating homes

Floating homes are not really a novelty in the UAE. In Abu Dhabi, which does not have any restrictions on long-term occupancy, you may find adventurous individuals and young families living at sea to escape high rents.

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Generally, boat owners would have to spend on berthing charges, including water and electricity (AED 2,000), another couple of thousands on monthly maintenance and repairs, plus installments on any loans taken to buy a boat. Living on a boat will leave you with an asset once you are ready to bid adieu to the UAE, which is not the case if you are renting an apartment.

Shipping containers and caravans

Other ideas that are gaining popularity include shipping-container homes and caravans. They can be cheaper to build or buy and own rather than conventional homes. In case of shipping container homes, a single crate can be used to create a match-box family dwelling. Several crates can be combined for spacious homes.

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Used caravans can be bought as cheap as AED45,000. There will be no additional costs for those who own a 4-wheel drive. Parking, fuel, maintenance and other Roads and Transport Authority charges apply.

Across the globe, you may find other novel options such as tree houses, log cabins and bamboo shacks making for an ideal home for individuals and families.