Ambareen Musa, Founder and CEO of, talks about vacation season and lists a few tips to secure your home and keep its contents safe to best enjoy, completely relax and unwind during your upcoming vacation.


What would be your biggest concern when jetting off on your vacation – Would the weather ruin your snowboarding plans? What if you forgot to pack your beach gear? And what about the house you’re leaving vacant – What if it falls prey to theft, flooding or a rogue fire?

While it’s obvious that you would lock up all doors and windows, and secure your valuables before you leave, there are many other not-so-obvious ways to protect your home while you’re away. The team lists a few tips to keep your home and its contents safe while you enjoy complete peace of mind during your upcoming vacation.

Keep a trusted neighbor in the loop
Inform a trusted neighbor or close friend about your travel plans, so they can keep an eye on your house and pop in every few days to make sure everything’s in order. Nothing screams ‘empty house’ more than a heap of flyers and delivery menus piling up at your doorstep – request your neighbor or friend to pick up the post and get rid of any flyers lying around…

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