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Internet Calling In The UAE: All Your Questions Answered

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A Round-Up of The Coolest Bank Deals in The UAE

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What Would Rising Interest Rates Mean for ‘You’?


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New Dubai School Waives First-Term Fee

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Revamp Your Fall Look with Eyewear from eyewa

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Bonus: Did You Know Yacht Insurance Covered This?

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Smooth Sailing: 5 Benefits of Yacht Insurance

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Yacht Maintenance Tips for Sailing Enthusiasts


Own a Boat Or Yacht? Get It Ready for Sailing Season!


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Canceled Trip? Travel Insurance Can Save You Thousands!

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First Local Online Travel Insurance Aggregator Launches in the UAE

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Six Money Myths That Are NOT True

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5 Personal Finance Books Everyone Should Read

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The National: Survey finds Half of UAE Residents Never Buy Travel Insurance


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A Financial Checklist for New Parents

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Should You Risk Investing While Settling Debts?


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Back-To-School Shopping on a Budget

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Manage Your Cash Better with Envelope Budgeting


Splurged This Summer? Get Your Budget Back On Track

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Eid Al Adha Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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How to Make Your Budget Work – Top Mistakes to Avoid


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Car Insurance Discount Vouchers of the Month! Save up more than AED 1,800!


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Cook Eat Repeat – Terms and Conditions

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The Flying Cup – Terms & Conditions

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MY Cruises – Terms and Conditions


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Revive Spa – Terms and Conditions


10 Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines to Steer Clear Of


7 Sharjah Traffic Fines You Must Avoid

The Dubai Traffic Fines You Need to Be Aware Of

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ArabianBusiness: Understanding UAE Credit Card Advertisement


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A Backpacker’s Guide to Traveling Across Europe


What to Do if Your Airline Loses Your Luggage


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The National: Survey finds UAE’s Most Budget-Friendly Supermarket

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Khaleej Times: Switching Gears Down on Car Insurance Premiums

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Save Money or Settle Debt – How to Prioritize?

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AMEinfo: Are Credit Card Reward Programs Overpromised?

Car Insurance Premium

7 Reasons Your Car Insurance Premium is Too High

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The Debt Panel: My husband borrowed Dh900,000 from family & friends

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The National: What the New UAE Bank Fee Changes Actually Are

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Credit Card Debt? Balance Transfer Could Be The Answer…


EntrepreneurME: Six Years, Six Lessons!

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How to Effectively Manage Your UAE Debt from Overseas


5 Steps to Successfully Pay Off Your Debts

Moving out of UAE

Moving out of UAE ? A Few Things You Need to Be Careful About

Car Loan in Dubai

Things to Consider When Applying for a Car Loan in Dubai

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Hiring a Financial Advisor – Is It Worthwhile?

Bank Satisfaction

Would You Recommend Your Bank? 32% Say ‘YES’…

Car Modifications

Arabian Business: How Car Modifications Affect Your Insurance in the UAE

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7 Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids

Car Insurance Policy

How To Avoid Cancellation Of Your Car Insurance Policy

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How Can Deductibles Affect your Car Insurance Quote?

Car Value

Check the Car Value in Your Car Insurance Policy


What You Should Know about Roadside Assistance On Your Off Road Cover

Car Insurance: Pay Attention to the Small Print

Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance and It’s Importance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance: Souqalmal writes for KT

Car Insurance

Pay Monthly On Your Car Insurance Through Souqalmal

Six Ways To Keep Your Mobile Phone Bill Under AED 200

Cross Border Deal of the Year

Souqalmal’s Round B funding named “Cross Border Deal of the Year” by IFN Awards

debt panel

The Debt Panel: Dubai agent earning Dh6,000 built up Dh200,000 in debt investing in a friend’s business

debt repayment

Infographic : 5 Leaky Spots In Your Budget

save fuel

Infograph : Six ways you can save fuel in the UAE

Infographic : How to ” Retire In Peace”


Infographic : How to be ready for a #JobLoss

Dubai debt panel

The Debt Panel: Employee built up Dh47,000 debt because of his company

health insurance

The National : How to pick the right health insurance for your dependents

dubai jeweler debt

The Debt Panel: Jeweler says Dhs105,000 debt caused by expenses of ‘middle class life’

money mistakes

Infographic : 5 Money Misconceptions we have in our 20’s

The Debt Panel: Dubai banker bailed out his brother’s debts and is now in crisis himself

AMEinfo: Leaving for summer holidays? Secure your home.

template_inmedia_Khaleej Times July 1 , 2017

Khaleej Times: How to raise financially disciplined children

template_inmedia_Debt Panel June 27,2017

The Debt Panel: Dubai accountant’s entire Dh 7,000 salary is eaten up by debt repayments


The Debt Panel: Dubai couple supporting their children and parents have zero savings after 10 years in the UAE


Khaleej Times: A step-by-step guide to getting out of debt in UAE


The National: Your Money blog: How to avoid an investment scam in the UAE