Our five best offers this week in the UAE

  Deal Provider Cost Saving of Description City
1 Send your child to ballet classes for two months Groupon AED 159 AED 1201 This voucher covers 16 ballet classes. Each session lasts 60 minutes Dubai
2 Indoor swimming classes for adults and kids Deal Gobbler AED 550 AED 650 This voucher covers 12 indoor swimming classes with certified trainers at Al Nasr Sports Club Dubai
3 Hire professional movers to transport furniture to your new home Groupon AED 79 AED 521 Service includes all areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Vouchers can be bought for larger apartments for additional cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi
4 Get internal and external detailing for your car Yalla Banana AED 99 AED 201 Service will take up to two hours and includes saloons & 4WD vehicles Abu Dhabi
5 Gift an Iftar meal this Ramadan Cobone AED 10 n/a Iftar will be delivered to various labor camps and construction sites Dubai

Sources: Groupon, Deal Gobbler, Yalla Banana, Cobone

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