rounds up this week’s top education, travel and maintenance offers in the UAE.

Our five best offers this week in the UAE

  Deal Provider Cost Saving of Description City
1 One-night stay for two adults at Tilal Liwa Hotel Triperna AED 499 AED 751 One-night stay, breakfast and a massage or quad biking Abu Dhabi
2 Buy a tailor-made, two piece suit Groupon AED 499 AED 651 Get a custom-fit, two-piece suit – trousers and jacket Abu Dhabi
3 Keep your car cool this summer with ceramic tints Deal Gobbler AED 289 AED 511 Service will include tints up to 50% and a five-year warranty Dubai
4 Send your kids to summer camp at the British Orchard Nursery * Groupon AED 299 AED 471 This voucher covers five-day summer camp, and is valid for all seven branches of the British Orchard Nursery Dubai
5 Get a thousand business cards designed and printed Big Fish AED 199 AED 201 The voucher includes designing and color printing (both sides) and free delivery of business cards Dubai

Sources: Groupon, Big Fish, Triperna, Deal Gobbler

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