As per the Unified Motor Insurance Policy regulations, driving without a minimum amount of third party cover is illegal in the UAE. A minimum liability coverage protects the aggrieved party against damage caused by your vehicle and is the social responsibility of the biker who uses the public roads.

In addition to this, one cannot ignore the inherent risk that comes with riding a motorcycle. Instead of dealing with the potential monetary loss as a consequence of an unfortunate incident, it is a better idea to financially safeguard your passion. You should not underestimate the importance of the safety net an insurance cover affords you and your bike.

Whether you own a cruiser, sports bike, street or dirt bike, touring motorcycle, moped or a custom ride, the risk associated with each is unique. For this reason, you need to sign up for policy that fits your individual needs.

Following is our guide to Bike Insurance options and how to choose the right cover according to your requirements and lifestyle.

Understanding the Coverage Options

The highest level of insurance cover available to bike owners is the all-encompassing comprehensive Bike Insurance that pays for loss or injury to you, your vehicle and the third party even if the accident was your fault. The minimum and most modest cover obtainable is the liability insurance which covers your liability to the third party paying for damage to their vehicles and property, bodily injury and legal suits. The third kind of cover available in the UAE is the fleet insurance for collectors and business owners managing delivery services. Under this scheme, multiple bikes can be insured under a single policy.

In addition to the above off-the-rack covers available, one has the option to customize their policy with a host of additional extensions including roadside assistance, full replacement cost, cover for personal belongings, uninsured/ underinsured motorist, agency repair, geographical extension, fire and theft to meet their existing and evolving insurance needs.

Choosing the Right Level of Cover

The level of cover you need depends, to a large extent, on the way you use your bike. Racing bikes are more prone to accidents and require greater liability and medical coverage. Alternatively, expensive and exotic bikes need advanced protection against theft, vandalism and other malicious acts. Opt for a policy that puts you and your finances in the minimum risk category.

Factors Affecting Your Bike Insurance Premium

Bike insurance companies factor in the make and model of your bike, its market value as well as the age, nationality, experience, marital status and claims history of the rider to help determine the insurance premium.

Understandably so, high value, sports, vintage, exotic and customized motorcycles are more expensive to insure since they present a greater risk of accidents, theft and vandalism.

Where to Find a Reliable Bike Insurance Provider in the UAE?

Most Bike Insurance providers in the UAE offer the mandatory minimum third party coverage as well as the 360-degree comprehensive cover with multiple add-on options. Considering this, it is advisable to comparison shop to find insurers with the most affordable, high-value and appealing coverage that offer the most bang for your buck. allows you to evaluate insurance quotes from top Motorcycle Insurance providers in the region, side-by-side. In this manner, it is easier to understand coverage options better and determine which company is the best overall fit for your particular needs.

Simply fill in our form with the necessary personal details and information regarding your bike to retrieve quotes from the best bike insurance providers in the region within minutes. The final step is to   customize, click and buy.