Bike insurers, like all other insurance companies, limit their obligations in certain areas by introducing exception clauses. Policy exclusions liberate the insurer of their obligation to indemnify the insured.  Furthermore, there are always requirements a customer has to comply with to ensure his policy remains binding.

These exclusions, restrictions and terms of use are summarized in the fine print of your policy document. As tedious as it may sound, it is advisable to dissect the fine print and acquaint yourself with your policy wordings to avoid any disappointment later.

While every insurance provider defines his own set of restrictions and limitations, there are some common exclusions that are a part of each commercial Bike Insurance policy. Following is our rundown of some important exclusions you should be mindful of.

Using the Bike for Something Other Than its Intended Purpose

The “Limitations to Use” section of your effective insurance certificate defines the purpose or activity for which the bike is insured. Using the bike for any other purpose voids your insurance cover.

Driven by an Unlicensed Driver or any Individual Other Than the Named Driver

If your bike is driven by a motorist not mentioned in the policy as a “Person Entitled to Drive”, or by an individual without a valid driving license, the coverage will be forfeited.

Damage Caused by Natural Disasters, Dangerous Goods or Nuclear Radiations

Loss, damage or liabilities arising from natural disasters, ionizing radiations, radioactive contamination, nuclear waste or transporting dangerous products are not eligible for a claim.

Loss and damages are also not compensated if the bike is used around an airstrip or any area associated with refueling, maintenance, parking, service, movement, take-off or landing of an aircraft.

Damage Due to Civil Unrest

Damage caused by war, seizures, invasion, revolution, acts of terrorism, acts of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil commotion or any such event are clearly excluded from Bike Insurance Policies.

Damage Due to Pollution or Contamination

Unless the cause of pollution or contamination is proven to be unexpected and accidental, any liability, injury, loss or damage is not eligible for a claim.

Usage Outside of Coverage Territory

Damages occurring or legal liabilities arising out of judgement in any court outside the geographical limits of the UAE or the territories to which your policy is extended are not entertained by Motorcycle Insurance providers.

Deliberate Damage to the Motorbike

If any accident, loss or damage to the bike is found to be deliberate, your insurance provider would be exempted from reimbursing the cost.

Drunk Driving

Liability, damage, cost or expenses that occur if the person riding the motorbike is found to be under the influence of alcohol are not compensated by insurance policies under any conditions.

Damage Caused by Impoundment or Confiscation of the Bike

Any loss or damage resulting from the impoundment or confiscation of your motorcycle by customs and excise, police or any other government authority is not covered in insurance policies.

Excessive Loading

You are not eligible for a claim if any loss or damage occurs while carrying excessive load or number of passengers than the law permits or your bike manufacturer specifies.

It should be noted that while these are general exclusions in a typical Motorbike Insurance policy, some covers can be purchased at an extra premium.