We all want to have the latest and best smart phone, and as every year passes a new plethora of candidates compete for our pocket space.

So who are the latest contenders for our attention? Which of latest smartphone will be upsetting our loved ones at the dinner table, while we have to check the latest notifications?

Three of the most talked about handsets at the moment are:

  • Blackberry Q10,
  • HTC One, and
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

No review would be complete without the obligatory comparison table, so here is a run-down of the facts:

Comparison Table of phones

Blackberry Q10:


Sleek interface; High quality feel; An ample feature list to satisfy the wider audience; Extensive variety of Blackberry specific contract options in the GCC as well as an expandable memory slot. If you miss your BlackBerry keyboard, but abandoned it for the iPhone and an Android device, the Q10 will lure you back. It’s a well-designed phone with solid physical buttons and impressive operating system.


Limited App store availability in comparison to the competition; Change in user interface will involve a learning curve for most users; Lack of differentiating features when compared to others.

Samsung Galaxy SIV:


Stable operating system; Large number of Apps; Large variety of accessories based off the success of the Galaxy S III; Very impressive specs and expandable memory slot; Replaceable battery


It’s hard to find fault with the Galaxy S IV before release, aesthetically it looks like a carbon copy of the S III, but with a major jump in specification. Build quality will be a major factor, along with battery life given all the additional software features Samsung bolt onto the Android OS. Time will tell whether it can be as successful as its predecessor and sell over 50million units globally!

HTC One:


The HTC One is an exercise in thoughtful, beautiful design. It’s wrapped in aluminium, not plastic; it’s big but not too big; substantial but not heavy. Better screen quality; High quality feel; Large number of Apps.


Battery not removable; Memory is not expandable. And there’s always another Android phone looming right around the corner that may be able to knock the current champ off its pedestal

All of these phones are formidable devices, and will happily occupy your pocket until the next big push in technology, and then you’ll probably have to revisit the same soul searching which led to the phone you already have in your hand or pocket as you read this.

Written by: Perry Philipp & Paula Wehbeh