Having the latest and the most exciting car technology in the most advanced car community in the world is only befitting.

With cars that run on electricity via regular charging, just like your smartphone does, Tesla is surely changing the world and possibly even saving it. And now that Tesla has already launched their elite fleet of automobiles in the UAE, you can finally get your hands on one.

But why would you want to buy a Tesla in the first place? For starters, the running cost of the car will be much cheaper than the present fuel consuming counterparts in the market. The cost per kilometer of running a Tesla is significantly lower than fuel cars, so much so that the car can run up to 500 kilometers on a single charge!

If you are already excited about the thought of owning a Tesla, here is everything that you should know about their launch in the UAE:


Tesla launched both their flagship models in the UAE, namely Model S and Model X.

The Model S is an electric luxury sedan and Model X is a crossover SUV. Tesla already has its first customer in the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) with 200 cars ordered to join their Limousine fleet.

Both the models boast of a state of the art driverless technology that enables them to run around town on their own. On top of this, running on electricity translates into sound-free cruising.


Since the time of the launch, Tesla has set up active supercharging stations in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City and Dubai’s Last Exit near Jebel Ali.

Although it is also possible to charge the cars at home with the help of a Standard Wall Charger that can be plugged into any regular 3-pin socket, supercharging stations can charge your car within the time you can gulp down a coffee.

A third way to charge is with the help of Destination Chargers which have been installed in popular places around the cities such as Malls or Hotels. They have the capacity to add a 100 km runtime for every hour of charging.


This can be a turn off for price-sensitive buyers since buying a Tesla can cost you a small fortune.

Price of Tesla Model X in UAE: Starts at AED 352,100

Price of Tesla Model S in UAE: Starts at AED 326,050

This will increase as you further customize and upgrade the features of your car.

Although the initial costs surely seem comparable to that of high-end BMWs and Audis, the running costs would end up being much lower, making the car cost substantially less over its lifetime.


It is difficult to comment on the service and maintenance costs of a Tesla as of now since the cars have just been launched. Although, given the fact that there are much less moving parts in Teslas as compared to a standard fuel engine, maintenance costs are also expected to be much lower as a result.

Even a Tesla battery is expected to be reliable for about 10 years.


Insurance for Tesla cars is expected to lie in the range of AED 8,000 to AED 15,000 if you are aiming for a comprehensive insurance policy. But premiums can vary significantly based on driver profile.

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