Looking to buy health insurance for yourself, your family or domestic help? Now would be a good time to do your homework and evaluate your options. Instead of treating health insurance as just another mandatory requirement you’re supposed to fulfill, think of it as an important purchase decision.

From an individual point of view, medical insurance grants both financial security and peace of mind. So if you’re going to commit to a year-long policy, it would be wise to understand what you’re spending  your money on and how it can truly benefit you.

First, A Bit of Background on Health Insurance Structure in the UAE…

In January 2014, the Government of Dubai mandated employer sponsored health insurance in the Emirate. Under this law, a sponsor or employer is under contractual obligation to provide at least a minimum standard of healthcare benefit to employees, which may or may not extend to the employees’ dependents.

With this came the launch of the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), a basic health insurance product that was targeted at individuals earning less than AED 4,000 per month. EBP has been established by the Dubai Health Authority as the minimum standard for resident visa approval. It is also mandatory for sponsors to obtain an EBP for their domestic workforce.

If dependents are not covered, it is the responsibility of an individual to obtain a cover for them under his or her sponsorship. For the non-working spouses and dependents of individuals carrying a Dubai resident visa, the government has introduced the easy-to-obtain SANAD health insurance plan. UAE Nationals residing in Dubai can also benefit from the government financed national health insurance scheme called SAADA, in addition to the employer sponsored health insurance program.

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Below, we list the top reasons why you should not undermine the importance of a health care plan.

The Skyrocketing Cost of Medical Treatment

A medical emergency can wipe out a lifetime of savings. Even routine treatments, procedures and diagnostics can easily run into thousands of dirhams. Your health insurance plan can save you from the financial burdens imposed by health issues.

Preventive Care and Early Intervention

A health insurance plan makes it easier and more economical to take advantage of one of the biggest benefits of contemporary medicine – preventive care. Preventive screenings help medical practitioners identify initial symptoms of an impending illness and provide early intervention.

Changing Lifestyle

The demands of modern lifestyle have made us prone to a variety of medical conditions. The increasing use of digital devices, unhealthy food habits, inadequate sleep, stress of commute and hectic schedule have collectively increased the risk of developing health problems. Chronic medical conditions that stem from an unhealthy lifestyle pose a bigger hazard to public health than infections in developed and medically sound countries like the UAE.

Availing Quality Healthcare

A medical insurance plan makes it possible to avail quality healthcare without the worry of affordability. You can receive the best possible treatment at a medical center of your choice with your insurance plan backing you. Treatments can also be obtained overseas depending on the extent of coverage of your policy.

Additional Benefits

Depending on your individual requirements, you can enhance your policy with a host of additional benefits like optical and dental treatments, cover for pre-existing and chronic conditions, return home cash benefit, ambulance cover, worldwide cover and much more.

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