The idea of getting a credit card usually brings along with it the burden of accumulating debt and paying high interest. However this is not the case anymore. The modern consumer is becoming smarter about their spending habits and most of all their credit habits.

For smart spenders, credit cards are not only useful and convenient for online purchases or for paying for hotels during their travels but also for becoming a means through which they can enjoy special discounts, rewards, memberships and more.

Credit Card providers have also caught on to the changing habits of consumers and are launching new credit cards on the market giving a wide variety of additional incentives, benefits and perks to choose from. These incentives come in the form of loyalty programs, air miles and free access to golf clubs, gyms and airport lounges depending the credit card you have chosen.

Therefore, as a consumer, the best way to get the most out of your credit card is to do your research. Always shop around and do your homework before signing up for a card with your current bank or taking the first offer that comes your way.

If you are someone who does not pay off the full balance every month, look for cards that provide you with the best interest or profit rates followed by the additional perks and rewards and compare them with one another to make the right choice which best suits your lifestyle.

So if you enjoy travelling, you want to select a card which gives you the option of getting air miles at every swip. For example, this summer, NCB’s Amyali or Al Fursan Credit Card offer their customers the chance to be part of a weekly raffle for each SR100 spent. The raffle would give 15 people the chance to win a million Amyali or Al Fursan miles.

Besides travelling abroad, travelling within Saudi Arabia can be made easier through credit cards such as the ANB Gold, Platinum and Titanium Master Cards. Users of these cards get privileges form Hertz such as discounts on available rates, free car upgrades and complimentary Hertz Gold membership.

And if it’s dinning out and shopping that you desire, Al Rajhi Credit Cards offer discounts at a variety of restaurants and retail stores across that country.

A few credit card providers have even incorporated a loyalty reward program on their credit cards, where consumers can earn points on spend and redeem them for gifts, discounts, vouchers, miles and more.

There are over 100 credit cards in Saudi Arabia, so make sure you take the time out to compare all of the benefits and choose the right one for you.  As a smart consumer, you may be surprised how many benefits they offer.  Make sure however, you do not end up spending and piling up interest just to enjoy the benefits provided.