Have you ever had to cancel or cut a trip short that you spent weeks planning? Having to cancel a trip is one of the worst things that can happen to any traveler, especially because there is a lot of time, energy and money involved in the planning process. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not, due to unpredictable situations. However, even if you have to go through the disappointment and frustration of missing out on your journey, there is a way to save the thousands that you spent planning it so far.

Travel insurance is the best solution to stay protected against losses occurring due to sudden, partial or complete trip cancellations. Apart from covering lost luggage, schedule changes and stolen belongings, travel insurance policies can compensate you for canceled and curtailed trips too.

How does travel insurance cover you for cancelled or curtailed trips?

To fully understand how the ‘Trip Cancellation & Curtailment’ benefit under your travel insurance actually works, you must take a close look at the general coverage, claim eligibility, policy exclusions as well as the documents required to make a claim.

General coverage

Usually, travel insurance policies cover the amount you have already paid for transportation and accommodation in case you had to cancel or cut your trip short due to unavoidable circumstances. This amount is limited to the sum insured based on the coverage you choose.

Claim eligibility

To be eligible to make a claim for your canceled trip, the reasons for your cancellation should be similar to or in line with the following reasons:

– Death or permanent injury of a close relative/colleague.

– Injury, illness or death of the member with whom you were supposed to travel or were supposed to stay with.

– Legal constraints such as being called as a witness in court, as a jury member or for placement in quarantine.

– Natural calamities such as fire, flood or destruction of personal property which requires your presence.


There are a few exclusions that apply to the trip cancellation and curtailment benefit in your travel insurance policy. The insurer will not provide coverage if your trip is cancelled or cut short due to the following reasons:

– Missing the flight due to not making it to the check-in counter on time.

– Expected reasons or situations that the traveler knew of before booking the tickets.

– Pregnancy.

– Reluctancy to go on the trip.

– Expected strikes or riots which the traveler knew of before booking the tickets.

– Missing your flight due to personal reasons such as car failure or forgetting important documents such as visa, passport, etc.

Documents required

In case the need to claim your travel insurance ever arises, there are a few documents you need to provide to the insurance company. These include:

– Medical certificates, if the reason for the cancellation is due to an illness, injury or death.

– Carrier invoice proving the cancellation.

– Original travel tickets.

– Certificate from authorities if the reason for the cancellation is due to legal reasons as mentioned above.

Packing Up? Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance…

A mistake that many travelers make at the time they book their flight tickets is neglecting to take a travel insurance policy. Spending a few extra dirhams at the time of planning your trip can help you save thousands in case of an unexpected episode that requires you to cancel your trip. So, remember to get your trip insured the next time you travel – After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!