Everyone who owns a car in the UAE has to have it insured, so we all have to go through the process of buying car insurance. But before you rush to the nearest insurance provider, take a step back and look at all the little money-saving extras that you could get with your policy including: road side assistance, hire car, no claims and other discounts. Some of these seemingly small features that are included in some policies could help you save money in case of accidents or other unfortunate events on the road. Through our compare to save series, we will show you how you can save money by comparing different car insurance policies and the extent of their cover.

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No claims discount: are you being rewarded for good history?

If you are switching insurers and you have not made any claims from your current provider, consider a car insurance policy with a no claims discount. You could save money by getting a lower premium on your policy if you can prove that you have a good history. Some policies also allow you to protect your no claims bonus, so if you have an accident, this will ensure you keep your discounted policy the following year. You can also often transfer your no claims bonus from another country if you have recently moved.

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Car breakdown? Compare policies with hire car and road-side assistance

Imagine that you are driving on the highway and your car suddenly breaks down. You’re stuck on a busy road and you have no other option but to get road-side assistance or a recovery truck to transport your car to the nearest garage. Each time you use these services, you could pay anywhere between AED 200 to AED 500 depending on the extent of help you need. If you compare car insurance policies with road-side assistance included, you could save quite a bit of money. Additionally, if you have to send your car to a garage for repair, several insurance providers will provide you with a complimentary hire car to use while your car is being fixed. With the cost of renting a car starting from AED60 a day, you could significantly lower your total cost if this service is included in your policy.

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Other discounts you could get

If you are thinking of renewing your insurance policy with the same company, ask if you can get a reduced rate. Insurance companies are very competitive and it is in the provider’s interest to retain you as a customer. You could also check if you are eligible for a discount on multiple cars being insured by the same company.

Editor’s tip: Although all drivers need to obtain car insurance policies in the UAE, you have a lot of product options. Different insurance providers have included extra services that could save you money in the long run. Compare all these features before choosing the best one. For more tips on how you can save money by comparing, follow us on twitter and check our #CompareToSave series.