A comprehensive insurance policy provides cover against loss or damage to your property as well as third party property. On the other hand, ‘Third party liability policy’ provides cover against loss or damage to the third party/person caused by the insured’s vehicle. This policy does not cover damage/loss of your vehicle. Third Party Liability policy is mandatory by UAE law.

Insurance premium is calculated on the basis of a number of factors such as the age of the driver, length of driving experience, claims history, location, vehicle value and type.

It is a discount given by your service provider on your premium. It takes into account your driving experience, hence the number of years you have been driving without any claim.

If you opt for agency repairs, you can get your vehicle repaired at the manufacturer’s authorized workshop in case of an accident. In case of non-agency repair, your vehicle can be repaired at any of the authorized garages of the Insurance company.

It is the amount you pay to the insurance company in case of a non-recoverable claim. Non-recoverable motor claims usually occur when an accident is caused by the insurance policy holder.

Based on the Traffic Department law, drivers have a 13 month insurance so that they remain covered during the one-month registration grace period. Compare Car Insurance in UAE

General insurance coverage depends if it is listed in your schedule. The geographical area commonly included in the policy cover includes Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. This option is only available with comprehensive insurance and in the case of third party liability, the cover is required to be purchased separately.

The rental vehicle can be made available to the insurer only if the clause is included in your policy schedule. The time period of a free rented car is generally between 7-10 days depending on insurance provider and type of policy until your car is fully repaired.   

The off-road cover will be only included for vehicles with off-road capability. Sports utility vehicle will not have this clause mentioned in the policy.

Car insurance depends a lot on your driving history. Motorists with traffic violations or have caused serious accidents generally receive higher quotes compared to others with no traffic violation. Souqalmal.com offers great rates with maximum savings.