A document or contract between the insured and insurer stating out the terms and conditions of the insurance.

The amount of money that the insured pays for the insurance is the premium

An event which is not unexpected without any deliberate intent.

It is an optional coverage which protects you if the car is damaged as a result of a collision with other objects. Compare Car Insurance in UAE.

A physical injury caused by a sudden and unexpected event, which can be identified.

Seeking payment from the Insurance company for the damages or loss caused in the event of the insured calamity.

Amount paid by the insured before the insurance starts paying for the losses

These include services such as towing, flat tire change, battery jump-start and more. If not included with your policy, it can be added with an additional premium.

When the value of an item is lowered due to wear and tear after use.

It is anyone other than the policyholder and the family members covered under the insurance policy.

A legal document that proves your motor insurance policy

It is the amount you will have to pay towards each and every own damage claim

If no claims are made you become eligible for a discount on your next renewal.