CarBook Magazine published an article by about driverless cars, what makes them special, safety concerns and whether the UAE is ready for them or not.

Fun fact: Did you know that the first cars were driven using a lever before the steering wheel was introduced! And we’ve definitely come a long way from using a crank to start the engine to having a simple push of a button do the trick. Some cars these days also have the ability to park by themselves without you even having to touch the steering wheel.

We’ve truly seen cars transform over the years, with car manufacturers constantly pushing the boundaries of design and function. In a decade or so, you’ll probably see driverless cars on UAE roads as various prototypes are already being tested. Wondering what that would be like? Let’s find out.

What makes driverless cars special?

Exactly like you imagined, a driverless, self-driving or autonomous car will consist of cameras, thousands of sensors and a laser guided system. This technology is still in the process of being perfected before the final model is offered to the public. These autonomous cars will be driven on pre-programmed routes which will also allow you to opt for alternative routes that are faster or congestion-free. A small-scale glimpse of this technology being put into practice can be seen at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

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