CarBook Magazine published an article on everything you need to know about VIP number plates in the UAE, as compiled by

Fun Fact – At the Emirates Auction in 2016, the ‘Number 1’ Sharjah car number plate was purchased by an Emirati businessman for a whopping AED 18 million. And more recently a Dubai-based Indian businessman successfully bid for the ‘D5’ Dubai number plate, which came at an even higher price tag of AED 33 million.

It is common to see luxury cars with single digit license plates on our roads here in the UAE. Generally associated with affluence, people acquire these distinguished number plates as a status symbol or to add more value to their car. So, would you splurge on one? Here is’s take on these unique license plates and how you can get one.

Where can I get a VIP car number plate?

If you’re looking for a VIP number plate, you can find them being sold on various portals and at auctions in the UAE. The popular online marketplace, Dubizzle, has a dedicated section for buying and selling car number plates. Auctions organized by the RTA and other auctions for charity are some events which invite buyers to bid for unique number plates. Then there’s also the annual Emirates Auction where residents are welcomed to bid for exclusive number plates registered in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah. The world’s most expensive car number plate was sold at the Emirates Auction in 2008.

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