There are few cars that can be recognized from any side or distance even if you see them from the balcony of your house. The reason behind this is simple, these cars have been around for more than a decade and we have seen hundreds of them on UAE roads. These ‘timeless’ cars have undergone design changes, and probably don’t even look anything like their older versions from a decade ago. But regardless, they still carry the same brand value and status.

Here is our take on five timeless cars which still rule UAE roads:

Nissan Patrol

Photo credit: Dikiiy/, betto rodrigues/

Photo credit: nitinut380/, Ed Aldridge/[/caption]

Toyota Land Cruiser was first manufactured in Japan and was marketed under the name ‘Toyota Jeep BJ’ in 1951, but the series that came post-1955 was named Land Cruiser. The 2017 model is one of the most highly regarded all-terrain vehicles in the UAE, and undoubtedly a preferred choice for those looking to hit Dubai dunes.

Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny is a small-sized sedan, which has been in the UAE since the start of production in 1966, when it was known as ‘Nissan Datsun’. This car was the preferred means of transport in the UAE for several years, and still continues to retain popularity because of the price point and fuel economy. The revamped design looks far more different than earlier models, and is better suited to 21st-century auto standards.

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Honda Accord

Photo credit: nitinut380/, sippakorn/

First manufactured in 1972, this four-door sedan was launched as a hatchback, but was later changed to a sedan. This mid-sized sedan is one of the most driven cars in the UAE mainly because of its reliability. The new design and form factors are similar to any other luxury vehicle in this segment.

Toyota Corolla

Photo credit: tishomir/, Milos Vucicevic / 

The Toyota Corolla is a popular car not just in the UAE but all over the world since it’s launch in 1966. It is one of the most sold cars in the world and still holds this record. The latest generation Toyota Corolla is still loved by many because of its durability, price point and the status it has retained over the years.

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