When you become a mother, lots of things start changing for you, including the car you will get to drive everyday. As your priorities evolve, you will likely need more space, greater safety and a vehicle that is cost efficient and reliable. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on performance, luxury and class when choosing a car.

From the conventional minivans to the more “fun to drive” options, here is a selection of cars for mothers available for purchase in the UAE.

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The vans

Minivans are usually popular with moms, and for good reason: you can accommodate a large number of people and personal items in them. Here’s a selection of family-friendly transportation models.

  • Honda Odyssey: the Odyssey is a reliable and high quality interior van that seats up to eight people comfortably including the driver, thanks to its three rows (2-3-3) of seats. With a V6 engine and 248 horse power, it will also give you some serious power on the roads when you need it.
  • Toyota Previa: this model has been around for quite some time already and does the job quite well. With a capacity of seven passengers plus the driver, it makes for an ideal family car with very reasonable maintenance costs as well.
  • Peugeot 5008: extremely popular as a family car in France, the model is slowly finding it’s way into the UAE market. With premium interior finishing and equipment, a seven passenger and driver capacity, moms love it too.

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The SUVs (sport utility vehicles)

SUVs are commonly used for off-road purposes but can also serve as safe family cars since they have higher passenger capacities than regular cars. Here are some SUVs that are popular with mom’s:

  • Volkswagen Touareg: one of the first modern SUVs to be commercialized, almost 15 years ago now, it’s clear this vehicle has become a success given the number of Touaregs on the roads of the UAE nowadays. Though it only seats five people, it’s a very popular family car thanks to its reputation for being safe and reliable.
  • Nissan Pathfinder: a flagship model from the Japanese brand, the Pathfinder used to be a very masculine square shaped muscle SUV. It went through a major redesign phase a few years ago and can now fully be assimilated as a family car, half way between the minivan and the SUV. With a flexible configuration allowing seven passengers plus the driver, the Pathfinder makes it another car that is popular with mothers.
  • Audi Q7: launched in 2005, this model has now become a best-seller and flagship model for the German brand. Sharing the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg, the Q7 is available in five and seven seat options. It is equipped with very powerful engines and a luxury interior which makes it a car moms love to drive and dads to borrow.

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The “fun to drive” cars

For mothers seeking some out-of-the ordinary fun to drive cars, here are the three models to consider:

  • Volkswagen Beetle: a real piece of history, the Beetle has earned a well-deserved place in cars museums. Ever since its first model in 1938, this German car is still very popular on the roads. Emblematic exterior design and a fun interior make the Beetle an iconic car that moms who still want to have fun can take a pleasure in driving.
  • Mini Cooper: another legendary car that comes to us from the previous century. Of British origin but owned by BMW since 1994, Mini has kept offering its fans a fun car to drive and to be seen in. With many more models available nowadays compared to when it was first launched, modern moms can choose from the standard version, the extended length, a coupe/cabriolet option and even one with off-road features.
  • Fiat 500: familiar to the streets of Rome like a camel would be to the desert tracks, the Fiat 500 is another car that made it to the automobile industry hall of fame. The original tiny model was recently joined by a larger version, the Fiat 500L which is a five-door mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)  based on the design of the Fiat 500.