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Feeling lucky? Your bank account or credit card could get you a lot more than you can imagine! Read on for the latest scoop on the most attractive bank offers and promotions in the UAE that are sure to catch your attention. Read More
Using your credit or debit card abroad? Beware of the conversion trap called 'Dynamic Currency Conversion'. We explain how it works and why paying in Dirhams could end up being a costly mistake for you. Read More
With credit card companies in neck and neck competition to grab new customers, it is crucial for the average consumer to understand what’s really behind the marketing hype. works out whether the offers, deals and discounts on UAE credit cards are all they’re made out to be. Read More reveals what’s really behind three of the most common credit card advertisement and marketing hooks. Read More
Credit Card Reward programs are banks’ way of enticing customers to sign up. But are they as rewarding as they are made out to be? Read More
With low interest rates and the prospect of debt consolidation, balance transfer can prove to be a potential debt lifesaver. outlines how to use balance transfer to your best advantage. Read More
Banks across the UAE offer exclusive privileges to credit card holders and exciting deals on new credit card applications during Ramadan. Here is our pick of the top credit card deals on the market. Read More
We’ve prepared a checklist so you don’t miss out on any of these important must-dos before leaving the UAE Read More
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Credit cards offering travel insurance coverage could potentially save you thousands of dirhams on your next trip.Here's how! Read More
Bills are boring, but there's no ignoring them! So how can you make the monthly ritual of bill payment a breeze? Here are some ideas to help you stay on top of your bills. Read More
Up to your neck in debt? As intimidating as it may sound, approach your bank for a solution. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you negotiate a repayment plan with your bank. Read More
Think it's easy to be an adult?.. But are you navigating the world of grown up finance with the same ease? Make 'adulting' a cakewalk with these tips to secure your financial future. Read More
Up to your neck in debt? As intimidating as it may sound, approach your bank for a solution. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you negotiate a repayment plan with your bank. Read More
Follow these simple steps to make sure your credit card is closed correctly, without any inconvenience or future disappointments. Read More
Total personal debt in the UAE is a whopping AED 350 billion. How much of it is your share?'s latest survey evaluates the debt situation in the country and how residents are coping with it. Read More
Ever wondered how your credit score is calculated and how it affects you? Here are some of the top misconceptions and the truths behind your three-digit credit score. Read More
Digital wallets and contactless payments are all the talk these days. Here we take a look at how UAE banks, telecom companies and payment service providers are adopting the cashless card-less trend. Read More
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We take an in-depth look at how a credit card transaction comes to completion, and the key players involved in ensuring this, right from the moment you swipe your card or make an online purchase. Read More
A few banks in the UAE do let their customers exceed their credit limits up to a certain point. But there are costs involved. Read More
While traveling, using your card could be much safer than carrying around large bundles of foreign currency. We put together some useful tips to managing your card for travel purposes and protecting yourself from any kind of fraud. Read More
While most of us are familiar with personal credit cards, for the owner of an SME, a business credit card is a slightly different concept. Read More
Credit card holders need to keep an eye out for credit card cash withdrawal fees when taking money out of the ATM either at home or abroad. Read More
A type of cover called Credit Shield, which is generally sold as an extra with your card for a monthly fee, offers valuable protection. Issuers claim it will clear the outstanding balance on your card following an unforeseen event, such as death or permanent disability – but, based on... Read More
More and more UAE residents are shopping online – but many more are still nervous about their credit card safety and the security of online shopping. A lot of banks offer valuable extra services to protect you against credit card fraud; here are some you may have overlooked.  1.... Read More
To avoid any surprises when you receive your bill at the end of the month, here is all you need to know about foreign exchange fees. Read More
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Paying for big ticket items on an Easy Payment Plan has become common practice in the region. But how do the plans work and what are the pitfalls? We find out. You are in the mall and you spy a new television, laptop or a dazzling engagement ring for... Read More
When your credit card is maxed out to the limit and a bank offers you a zero percent balance transfer, it might seem like a godsend. But while it is good in the short-term, how about the long-term? Read More
How do credit cards, and Islamic credit cards, work? What should I watch out for? What is best for me? Use this credit card guide to check. Read More