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Banks have already been facing competition from technology startups in the digital era. However, now they should be a bit worried as multinationals such as Amazon also has financial ambitions. Read More
World’s largest art museum located in Paris now has opened a new chapter in Abu Dhabi. It is now open to visitors from worldwide. Culture is the most beautiful thing that ever came out of human existence and museums are an appreciation of the same. Read More
Ambareen Musa, Founder and CEO of, talks about how single mums can plan finances? Life throws experiences at you that you do not expect and yes, these are times where you realise how important it is to be financially independent no matter what situation you are in. Read More
In light of the recent hike of US bank interest rates, authorities and governments of the world have reacted accordingly thus affecting their interest rates as well. Experts have ever since discussed the possible effects on world economies in the case of a further hike in US interest rates.... Read More
Nothing comes close to the joy of a new born to the family and the happiness it spreads around in the air, not to forget a new born means additional finances which still requires planning and preparation. Read More
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Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and its cost is determined by the type of policy you choose - third party or fully comprehensive - as well as the number of years you have been driving… and the value of the car itself. Read More
School fees are on the rise; gaining access to the top institutions requires registering your child’s name on a waiting list years in advance and the government is now proposing to lengthen the academic year by 10 days. With parents increasingly flummoxed by the UAE school system, it’s interesting... Read More
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