Education Insights

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School fees are on the rise; gaining access to the top institutions requires registering your child’s name on a waiting list years in advance and the government is now proposing to lengthen the academic year by 10 days. With parents increasingly flummoxed by the UAE school system, it’s interesting... Read More
There is nothing more nerve wracking for a parent than having your child called in for their first school assessment. So what should you expect from the big day? The team finds out. Read More
With such an international population, the UAE offers a number of different curriculums. But how do parents choose the right one for their child? Almost every nationality of the world is represented in the UAE and as a result each family has a very different idea of how their... Read More
As summer holidays draw to a good (arguably hectic) close, parents are all over the place getting routines in order, organizing schedules and scrambling for last minute school accessories. Read More