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Can you trust insurance middlemen to give you impartial advice? Do they offer you the insurance policy that's right for you, or right for them? Souqalmal digs deeper to reveal exactly what it is that middlemen don't want you to know. Read More
As a proud car owner, you obviously want to keep your car in top shape. But you may be unwittingly putting your car at risk of damage if you ignore early warning signs. Here are five "Dont's" you should be aware of and avoid at all costs. Read More
To switch or not to switch, that's the question! Are you weighing the pros and cons of taking your car insurance relationship elsewhere? We help you decide whether the move will benefit you or not... Read More
If you’ve ever wondered how the value of your car impacts your insurance quote, here’s a simple explanation... Read More
Have you been buying car insurance the wrong way till now? Worse yet, is your car insurance policy wrong for you? Make sure that you don't end up with the wrong cover by following these six simple tips... Read More
Do you know what can take your car insurance from HERO to ZERO? Overlooking its finer details before you sign up. We've gone through the small print extensively to reveal some of the most common limitations of car insurance policies. Read More
Souqalmal has launched a fast, straightforward and safe way of buying your insurance directly from insurance providers. We're putting you back in control and here's how... Read More
Fraudulent agents collecting cash payments, policies being miss-sold, cheap quotes offered by forging driver details - Souqalmal uncovers the latest scams to hit the car insurance market in the UAE. Read More
Souqalmal launched its monthly payment service for car insurance just over a month back. And the response from our customers has been nothing short of great. We take a look at what some of our customers thought about the service... Read More
The Souqalmal team brings innovation to the insurance industry, with an aim to support residents reeling under the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis Read More
It’s the time of the year when car dealerships across the country offer the most attractive car deals. Here is our roundup of the best UAE car offers up for grabs this Ramadan. Read More
Have you heard about the latest news on car registrations in the UAE? You can now renew your car registration exclusively online. The only requirement - Car insurance ! Read More’s latest survey uncovers widespread lack of awareness around rain and flood coverage under UAE car insurance policies. Read More
What's your fuel of choice - Super or Special? We explain the difference between both the fuel variants sold in the UAE and how you can pick the right one for your car. Read More
Were you disappointed to lose affordable taxi-booking services - UberX & Careem Go? Fret not! From public transport to reliable taxis and luxury rides, there are plenty of options available to residents and tourists in the country. Read More
Mileage-linked car insurance is the talk of the town these days. With Beema being the first to bring the concept to the UAE, let's find out what their unique car insurance product is all about... Read More
Under what circumstances is your car declared a 'total loss'? And what happens thereafter? Here's what that scary sounding term actually means and how it impacts your car in terms of insurance. Read More
Are you unhappy with your car insurance provider? Have you been running from pillar to post, to get your complaint resolved? Here's all you need to know about how to handle a dispute with your car insurer in the UAE. Read More
Are you still wasting your precious time, money and effort buying car insurance the traditional way? It's about time you switch to online car insurance purchase. Here's why... Read More
Wondering how to change car ownership in the UAE? We've put together this comprehensive guide for anyone looking to buy a used car or sell their own car. Read More
Do you understand how Dubai's electronic road toll system 'Salik' works? Here's an all-inclusive guide to Salik, with all the details on setting up, recharging, and more. Read More
Insurance, be it for your life, home or car, isn't a mere box that must be checked off your to-do list. Here are the five type of insurance covers you just can't do without, and why they're all critical decisions worth thinking through. Read More
Irrespective of whether you find driving at night an absolute pleasure, nuisance or necessity - You can't ignore the risks associated with it. We've rounded up some useful tips to make nighttime driving safer for you. Read More
Have ashy dirt-smeared wheels left your car looking dull? The team at CarBook Magazine has shortlisted some easy DIY steps to keep your wheels looking good all year long. Read More
Do you consider yourself a safe driver? Most people think they're great drivers, but many are guilty of throwing caution to the wind without even realizing it. Find out if you are making these common driving mistakes while behind the wheel. Read More
Thinking of starting the new year with a bang, and a brand new set of wheels? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you set out to purchase your new car. Read More
Looking to buy your first-ever car insurance policy? Instead of buying the first policy you come across, make sure you do your homework and make an informed decision that you won't regret. Read More
Are your trips to the car garage becoming more frequent? Are you thinking of replacing your car, but aren't sure if you can afford the switch? We've shortlisted some tips to help you decide. Read More
Want to boost the range of your electric vehicle? The team at CarBook Magazine has shortlisted seven measures you can take to maximize your EV's performance, as well as your driving pleasure! Read More
Cruising for rent-a-car deals in the UAE? Look no further. Rental Cars UAE pride themselves on providing exceptional travel experience for tourists and long term renters alike. Read More
A road warrior, collector or enthusiast, whatever category you fall into, it is essential to acquire an appropriate motorcycle insurance cover before you hop on the saddle. clarifies all you need to know about insuring your bike in the UAE. Read More
To get the maximum possible benefit from your insurance policy, you should have a clear understanding of what is excluded and what could void your cover. breaks down the small print in your Bike Insurance policy. Read More
It’s the time of the year when enthusiasts blow the dirt off their bikes and prepare to experience the joy of riding. But before you hit the road, read through these safety and maintenance tips every rider must know and follow. Read More
Thinking of buying a Tesla? The elite fleet of automobiles is now available in the UAE for you to get your hands on. But before you do so follow this guide to learn all you need to know about buying a Tesla. Read More
As a member of the exclusive Ferrari owners’ club, car insurance should be the most critical factor for you to consider. With such an elite vehicle at stake, ensuring you get the right level of cover is key. summarizes the best ways to obtain an insurance plan as... Read More
Thinking of renewing your car registration? With registration services online, car owners can now renew their car registration effortlessly and in a timely manner. Follow these simple steps to renew your registration without any struggles. Read More
Are you looking to steer clear of hefty traffic fines and have a clean driving record? Motorists should keep in mind these 10 major Abu Dhabi traffic fines while on the road. Read More
Driving with a good understanding of road rules can help you avoid heavy fines. Here are 7 traffic fines you should be aware of when driving down the roads in Sharjah. Read More
Are you aware of all the traffic fines in Dubai? Traffic violations don't just put you and others in harm's way, but also translate into expensive penalties. Here's a round-up of some of the traffic fines you must remember to avoid while behind the wheel. Read More
Wondering if you should get TPL Insurance for your car? Before you purchase any policy, it's wise to understand the key features and benefits to get the most out of your car insurance plan. Follow this guide to learn if TPL is the right option for you. Read More
UAE residents are being more cost conscious about where they are putting their money, especially with regards to paying for car insurance. Read More
With the cost of car insurance premiums skyrocketing, you need a hands-on approach towards obtaining the cheapest, most suitable deal. summarizes 10 of the best ways to drive down the cost of your next car insurance premium. Read More
Can’t seem to wrap your head around your unusually high car insurance premium? Find out why your car insurance premium may be higher than others, and what you can do to remedy this. Read More
The ultimate Souqalmal guide to all there is to know about Car Insurance in the UAE from quotes and premiums to the common exclusions and the documents required. Read More
We break down the different and various Car Insurance types offered in the UAE and the common add-ons and exclusions in policies. Read More
Other than the type of coverage you select for your car (TPL or Comprehensive), there are other factors that determine car insurance rates... Read More
We help summarize what you should be looking out for when buying car insurance in the UAE and the must do's when picking your policy. Read More
Luxury car insurance provides insurance cover to a certain category of cars that are more expensive than most of the cars. Find out the insurance coverage required and the top luxury car insurance providers. Read More
"No Claims Discount" can help you save big bucks on your car insurance premium. We elucidate how it works and how much you can save! Read More
Ignoring the details of your car insurance policy may not only lead to several financial disappointments but can also lead to... Read More
Ancillary options improve the basic coverage offered by car insurance policies. helps summarize five of the most lucrative car insurance add-ons. Read More
While you might have bargained for a good price to get a cheap car insurance, have you checked your policy for payments at the time of a claim? Read More
Landed a great price on your Car Insurance policy? Here's how you might have been misled and how your Car Value could be affected in the process. Read More
Heading into the desert on your favorite Off-Road route? You might want to check your Car Insurance policy... Read More
Flooding is not a common scene in the UAE but when it does happen during seasons...Do Insurance providers cover the damaged cars or not? Read More
Here are the five types of insurance policies everyone should have to guarantee peace of mind in a world of uncertainty. Read More
For many residents in the UAE, owning more than one car is very common. Here's how to insure multiple cars in the UAE while cutting cost corners. Read More
To most of us, car insurance isn’t a topic we stop and think about. But if you’re going to be spending thousands of your hard-earned dirhams on buying car insurance year after year, it isn’t a topic you should be ignoring. Read More
If you own a car in the UAE you have probably bought car insurance and swept it under the rug. Are you convinced that your policy is the ‘right one’? Read More
Have you started receiving reminders to renew your car insurance policy? Here is all you need to know about car insurance renewal in the UAE - The process, requirements, and most importantly - How to get the best deal for yourself... Read More
How does an insurance company compute your car insurance premium? What goes into the making of that final car insurance quote? Find out here... Read More
The Souqalmal team gets some valuable expert insights from Sameh Hafez, VP, Oman Insurance Company on the topic of UAE's new car insurance laws, and how these will impact UAE residents. Read More
From new car insurance laws to the new tariff system for car insurance policies, here's an 'All-you-need-to-know' guide about the latest developments, and how they will most likely impact you. Read More
Does your company own multiple vehicles? Motor fleet insurance could end up being a far better option than individually insuring all the vehicles on your fleet. Find out how. Read More
Buying your teenager their first car? As a parent there are several factors you must consider, from choosing a car, deciding how to pay for it and getting the car insurance sorted. We've compiled a list of four useful tips to help you out. Read More
According to newly introduced regulations, drivers in Dubai will soon be able to rent cars on an hourly basis. New car insurance laws too, are all set to offer enhanced coverage to car owners in the country. Read More
Planning to buy a new car, but can't decide between an SUV or sedan? We break down the pros and cons of both, to help you pick the one that best suits your needs as well as your lifestyle. Read More
Want to sell your car, but don't know whether to do so privately or through a dealership? We break down the pros and cons of both, so you can figure out the best option for yourself. Read More
Want to make sure you're paying for a car insurance policy which suits your needs and is not over your budget? Check out important questions you should definitely ask before getting a comprehensive car insurance policy. Read More
Are you trying to file an insurance claim after a car accident? Check out steps you're required to follow. Read More
Effective communication between you and your insurance provider can determine your motor insurance claim. Here are some of the do's and don’ts every motor insurance holder must follow. Read More
Don't want your insurance claim to get rejected. Before investing into a policy, make sure you know which features are a part of your policy. Find out which benefits can be part of your policy and what they will cover. Read More
Depending on the value of your car, few insurance companies provide additional benefits on top of general comprehensive insurance to the insurance holder. Find out what these covers are. Read More
Trying to reduce the cost of your car insurance? Don't ignore these extensions to your comprehensive motor insurance as it can help you save money in the long-run. Read More
Be wary of car insurance myths as you don't want to invest into a policy which is not right for you. Find out about the most commonly circulated myths about motor insurance to save in the long run. Read More
Are you shopping around for a car insurance policy? Make sure you select one which suits your needs and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. Here are a few tips which can help you save. Read More
What happens in case your car has an accident, catches fire or is broken into. Find out if your personal belongings are covered under your car insurance policy in case of theft, fire or road accident. Read More
Are you confused about which car insurance policy to get? Find out the differences between comprehensive and third-party insurance. Read More
To avoid paying double the cost of your car coverage, here's a practical guide on understanding your insurance policy. Read More
Find out why young drivers can pay more for car insurance and other key factors which can impact premium. Read More
Looking to buy a new car or change your car insurance policy? Here's our guide to help you narrow down your search. Read More
Basic questions you should ask your car insurance company before taking out a policy, e.g. why is your policy for 13 months, not 12? Read More survey revealed that eighty percent of UAE drivers would like to buy their car insurance online, but don't have enough options. Read More
Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and its cost is determined by the type of policy you choose - third party or fully comprehensive - as well as the number of years you have been driving… and the value of the car itself. Read More
If you don’t own your own home, then your car may well be the most expensive item that you possess. So, whether it’s a Fiat or a Ferrari, it’s an asset worth protecting with a good car insurance policy. Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE – you won’t... Read More
If you are heading into the desert on your favourite off-road route anytime soon, you might want to check your motor insurance policy. Read More