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Souqalmal introduces its virtual SME Insurance platform, where business owners can search for, compare and purchase the most crucial and mandatory business insurance plans online. Read More
The UAE Central Bank has just announced a financial stimulus program to support the country's economy and banking system. Here's what this means for you. Read More
Just last month, the UAE Central Bank followed in the US Fed's footsteps to cut its key lending rate. How has this impacted borrowers and savers in the country? Here's a simple explanation of what this big move means for YOU. Read More
Stepping into the freelance world is a bold decision. Dealing with unpredictable income may seem overwhelming, but it is not impossible. shares top tips on how to become a financially empowered freelancer in the UAE. Read More
A power of attorney can provide security and continuity to business transactions, medical directives, personal financial obligations and other legal matters. We highlight the scope and importance of this powerful legal instrument. Read More
The UAE Central Bank has just raised its key policy rate the fourth time this year. explains what this means for the average UAE resident's personal finances. Read More
As the dirham continues to gain strength over most Asian currencies, expats remitting money home rush to take advantage. analyzes the current currency trends and the future prospects of the dirham. Read More
In an attempt to ensure better stability in the banking sector, stricter guidelines regarding issuance of cheque books have been handed out by the UAE Central Bank. We take a look at what these new regulations entail. Read More
With credit card companies in neck and neck competition to grab new customers, it is crucial for the average consumer to understand what’s really behind the marketing hype. works out whether the offers, deals and discounts on UAE credit cards are all they’re made out to be. Read More
Charging fees or commissions on retail bank services is now stricter in the UAE after Central Bank's new amendment. Read More
Have heard about the new data protection and privacy law? The GDPR provides an insight into the new data protection and privacy for business. Find out how you can implement it. Read More
DWTC events and exhibitions produce great value in overall non-trade business activities and support thousands of jobs in the UAE. Find out more about the most contributing sector in the World Trade Centre. Read More
As Souqalmal celebrates it's six birthday, Ambareen Musa speaks to EntrepreneurME taking a look back at its journey funding and growth. Read More
Dubai Airport Free Zone has revealed it's plans to create the world's first B2B smart commerce for businesses in the UAE. Read More
From February 4th, 2018, it has become mandatory to procure a ‘ Good Conduct Certificate ’ to obtain a UAE visa and work permit. Read More
Bitcoin fraud comes in different shapes and sizes. Here are a few common types of scams that you must be aware of Read More
Two years ago, 2016, Forbes MiddleEast ranked Souqalmal #9 Most Promising Business in the UAE. This year Souqalmal kicked it up a notch ranking #2 on Forbes' Top 20 Most Disruptive Businesses in the MiddleEast. Read More
Adding further momentum to their digital expansion, Takaful Emarat (the Company), has just signed a partnership with, the UAE’s leading comparison website. Read More
Banks have already been facing competition from technology startups in the digital era. However, now they should be a bit worried as multinationals such as Amazon also has financial ambitions. Read More
If you’re a single young kid living in the UAE you probably know what it’s like to be career oriented and financially independent. But are you as financially responsible as you are financially independent? Results from the BlackRock Global Investor Pulse Survey released earlier this year showed that only 42... Read More
In early October, Souqalmal, a UAE-based financial and insurance aggregator, announced it had raised US$10 million to expand and move ahead of the pack. Read More
World’s largest art museum located in Paris now has opened a new chapter in Abu Dhabi. It is now open to visitors from worldwide. Culture is the most beautiful thing that ever came out of human existence and museums are an appreciation of the same. Read More
Going green will help the earth and as well as save you big bucks too. Environment friendly ways of doing business can give a revolutionary and polished image. Here are few ways your business can actually save big bucks by going green. Read More
It is predicted that the smart city market will increase from over a whopping $400 to $1.5 trillion. The initiative will give way for the city to become the prime torchbearer of the field. Read More
A nutshell of the weekly news across Dubai and the Emirates, what affects the general public and the UAE society financially. Read More
Young entrepreneurs are taking the business world in bulk more than any preceded time before. Recent studies have emerged to look into what makes young individuals potential entrepreneurs of the future. Read More
“Entrepreneurs”, and we're not talking about high-end managers and company partners. We're talking about your mid level employees and the majority of your workplace Read More
In an exclusive interview with, Sonia Weymuller, Founding Partner of VentureSouq, shares her experience as an investor and mentor. She also sheds light on what investors look for and what startup entrepreneurs should focus on. Read More
Here's a look at some of the major financial news that made headlines in 2016 and the resulting impact on UAE residents and businesses. Read More
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What does a Trump Presidency mean for the US, the world economy and more specifically, the UAE? Uncertainty remains high, even as analysts, policy experts and investors try to predict what Trump's policy agenda will be. Read More
There's a new buzzword in town and it's called "Blockchain". Find out how this much-talked-about technology looks all set to revolutionize the world of banking and finance. Read More
A great website is the focal point of a strong digital strategy. Here's how you can redesign your website, increase conversions and keep users coming back for more. Read More
Does your company own multiple vehicles? Motor fleet insurance could end up being a far better option than individually insuring all the vehicles on your fleet. Find out how. Read More
The UAE is getting a new bankruptcy law. If you're wondering how this will affect your business, here's a quick recap of the changes the new law will bring in. Read More
Trying to find a company to design your restaurant, office, showroom or hotel? Find out more about how you can choose the right contractor for your project Read More
Want advice on how to buy the perfect plan for your company? Find out more about co-insurance pay, hiring an insurance broker and covering critical illness. Read More
Businesses should avoid entering into agreements they don't fully understand. Read more about tips to keep in mind when reviewing and creating contracts, in order to make them (legally) binding and understandable. Read More
With Britain leaving the European Union, countries around the world are assessing how Brexit will affect their own interests. Find out how this decision will impact the UAE in the near future. Read More
If you're launching your business during the holy month of Ramadan, it's equally important that you're aware of the business environment and can prepare yourself accordingly. Read More
Do you like the idea of working for yourself? While becoming a “freelancer” has been a growing trend in the UAE, many still don’t know where to start this process. Find out how you can do this legally. Read More
What happens if your company lost its star employee? Find out more about Key Person Insurance to make sure your business never has to face that situation. Read More
Are you a UAE resident keen on setting up your own business or are currently overseas and looking to open up an office here? Find out more about various ownership options to suit your needs. Read More
By the end of 2016, all businesses of every size within Dubai must have basic health care coverage for its employees. Find out the specifics of the law and how it will affect your business. Read More
Have you sourced the right health insurance plan for your business and your employees? Find out what employers will need to address now and beyond the DHA health insurance deadline. Read More
Thinking of setting up your own business in the UAE? Find out more about visas, documentation, travel options and office space. Read More
In our digital age, the demand for brand content is increasing. Here are some key global content trends aimed at creating a more personalized experience for your target market. Read More
Typos are easy to make and even easier to overlook. So what’s the best way to avoid such errors? Having a firm understanding of the language is the way forward. Here are some of the most common writing errors. Read More
How do you create a fun and friendly copy for your business? Here are few techniques you can implement when writing for your business. Read More
Businesses generally don't give much thought to managing office supplies. Find out why it's a necessary practice to ensure a smooth workflow and how it can save you time and money. Read More
Cultural differences between employees is often viewed in a challenging light. Find out what are the challenges with cultural integration and solutions to improving cultural diversity in the workplace. Read More
Is your business preparing for an award submission? Find out top five suggestions to make sure you get selected. Read More
Successful communication remains at the core of every business. Find out some of the key elements of successful business writing. Read More
What are the benefits of using an HR software to help manage your employees? Tracking HR activities through a human resources information system can be effective tool for businesses. Check out reasons for investing in a Human Resource System. Read More
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Blogging is a simple, yet strategic tool in a marketing plan and can be an important facet of the online identity of a company. Here are seven reasons why blogging works, for any business. Read More
Would you recommend your bank to friends or colleagues? Find out the results based on the latest NPS survey by Read More
SME entrepreneurs in the UAE share personal experiences on their startup journey, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learnt along the way. Read More
As an SME owner do you want a website with an online presence? Find out how to get a website with an engaging user experience supported by great-looking design. Read More
Having the right insurance cover can allow businesses to function without the fear of losing their investment. Find out why your SME should be insured and the type of options you have. Read More
Information management is top priority for most businesses these days. And good records management solutions can be the most critical for the medical services industry. Read More
Find out how you can help your business deliver a level of service that is sure to have your customers coming back for more once the holiday rush has settled. Read More
Companies operating at any scale can reap the benefits of physical and electronic records management, information back-up and tape management, and data destruction services. Read More
As obsolete hardware, files and IT assets begin piling up and taking up precious office space, how do you get rid of them while keeping your business information safe? Read More
Fixed assets may form a significant part of your capital expenditure, so it's important to efficiently manage and track these physical assets. Read More
How do you adopt the right pricing strategy to enhance your business? Here are some pointers to help you make the right decision. Read More
Businesses need to invest in assets like equipment, machinery and commercial vehicles. Here's how bank finance can help SMEs invest in these assets. Read More
Converting your business invoices to a digital format can help improve efficiency, save time, cut costs & free up valuable human resources. Read More
Even today, HR processes in many SMEs are manual and document-driven. Here's how your business can benefit from HR process automation. Read More
Many SMEs struggle to access the finance capital they need to move their business forward. Find out if crowdfunding, a new finance model can help them achieve their growth ambitions. Read More
How can SMEs be open to public relations and use it to their advantage? Find out reasons why an SME can’t afford to ignore PR. Read More
Find out how business credit cards can help you manage business expenses better, and at the same time offer features that will help you save on your business-related spend. Read More
Every business needs a dependable information backup plan. What's best for your business - backup on tape or online backup? Read More
Is your business physical-data intensive? Find out how your organization can benefit from providers of specialized document and records management. Read More
Office interiors can be an opportunity for businesses to highlight their personality and culture. Here are reasons why your business should consider redecorating. Read More
A startup can only succeed if it has the right blend of talented people to help grow it. These are qualities to look for when assessing a candidate to join your team. Read More
Are you a non tech-savvy entrepreneur? Whether you need to build a website or sell your products online, here are tips which can help you. Read More
SMEs constitute 90% of registered businesses in the UAE, but only account for 3% of bank finance. This has created fertile ground for Peer-to-Peer finance, a novel way of raising money. Read More
Want to increase the probability that the person you've hired is the right fit for your company? Watch out for these signs. Read More
Don't know if your business idea is viable or not? Ask yourself the right questions & use effective tools to assess your business strategy. Read More
Trying to make your business more social? Here are a few Dos and Don’ts of how to effectively use social media networks. Read More
Looking to give your business a push towards expansion? Find out how you can connect with Venture Capital Funds and build your business. Read More
The foundation of your business online is a great domain name and an informative website. In this article, we give you insight into web hosting and what you should bear in mind when choosing a domain name. Read More
We take a look at the various funding and support options in the UAE for Emirati and expat business owners. Read More
Every organization needs a helping hand to handle their day-to-day delivery needs. Outsourcing delivery jobs can allow SMEs to better focus on their core activities and grow their businesses professionally. Read More
A lot of attention has been given to Bitcoin, the digital currency that is supposed to revolutionize the financial industry, yet it is only understood by a few, and seems too technical for the rest. Slowly, we are seeing a lot more businesses adopt Bitcoin in Europe, the US... Read More
Cloud computing has been a buzzword in technology for the last few years and has seen increased adoption recently by both enterprises and SMEs, particularly in Dubai. Read More
Professional relationships begin with a first impression. Find out how the way you dress and carry yourself communicates a message to all those around you. Read More
Inspired by the practice of Christies, Sotheby’s and e-Bay, which use their auction platforms to support various stakeholder CSR initiatives, companies are adopting similar platforms to promote charitable initiatives. To date, e-Bay has raised over $500 million through auctions. Read More
How do global economic factors such as quantitative easing, inflation and interest rates affect your business? Read More
How do you keep up with social media activity while managing and running a business? Here are the key tips and tricks you need to know Read More
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