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Every parent wants the best education for their children. One that will boost their creativity, identify their strengths, and equip them with the ability to realize their every dream, from ballerina to astronaut. The costs, however, are considerable. The education of a child in the UAE from pre-school to... Read More
How do you decide where to invest your savings to generate higher returns? How do you ensure you maintain liquidity on your holdings, and yet earn greater profits? Every individual has a different level of disposable income for investment, a customized risk appetite, and specific requirements on access to... Read More
Is your morning cuppa joe becoming an expensive ritual to keep up with? Here are some handy hacks to help you cut down on your coffee expenses. Read More
Want to take the plunge and buy your own home in the UAE? Souqalmal explores how the home loan market in the country is shaping up right now. Read More
Can you trust insurance middlemen to give you impartial advice? Do they offer you the insurance policy that's right for you, or right for them? Souqalmal digs deeper to reveal exactly what it is that middlemen don't want you to know. Read More
Employers and CEOs have been calling me to ask for help.  To my surprise, it was not the usual call about digital marketing or insuretech that they needed help with, it was about helping their employees manage their finances.  The financial stress some of the employees were facing were... Read More
At some point or the other we all have pondered over where we are going wrong with our money. The search for the answer always boils down to making bad choices and excuses for not sticking to our budgets and financial plans. Here are some few real life stories,... Read More
Are you looking for a shariah compliant bank account? Find out how you can apply for various bank accounts with Dubai Islamic Bank. Read More
As a proud car owner, you obviously want to keep your car in top shape. But you may be unwittingly putting your car at risk of damage if you ignore early warning signs. Here are five "Dont's" you should be aware of and avoid at all costs. Read More
From the part 1 of this 2 part series, I spoke about how an expired credit card can be charged and the amount transferred to the new credit card. And all this without card owner’s consent. Read more Our team spoke to some of... Read More
Direct Billing anywhere in the world is a key - do you have enough funds to pay for medical care outside the UAE and wait for the insurance provider to pay you back? Read More
There are numerous ways to send money from the UAE - Bank transfers, exchange houses and online brokerages. Make sure you shop around to get the best deal. Read More
To switch or not to switch, that's the question! Are you weighing the pros and cons of taking your car insurance relationship elsewhere? We help you decide whether the move will benefit you or not... Read More
Looking for ways to give back this Ramadan but also follow the COVID rules? Find out which projects and charities your can contribute towards across the UAE. Read More
Your credit card should not be used or charged if it is expired or blocked. We look into a few cases where it has happened and try to understand why banks in the UAE are allowing transactions on invalid cards... Read More
We summarized the regulations that govern your personal loan eligibility and the things you must do before submitting your loan application. Read More
Looking to apply for a personal loan? Here are 6 tips you can use to improve the chances of getting your loan application approved. Read More
Are you unknowingly causing a dip in your credit score? With multiple factors affecting your credit report, ignoring some of the lesser-known ones can ultimately hurt your creditworthiness. Here's how... Read More
Did you know that your credit card has a big role to play in determining your credit score? Find out how it can impact your creditworthiness, both positively as well as negatively. Read More
'The UAE opens up citizenship for expats' - The biggest headline of this year has already got expats excited! Souqalmal breaks down what the new law entails and how it will impact your future in the UAE. Read More
Do you regret having wasted your hard-earned money last year? We've shortlisted four simple and effective ways to help you manage your finances better in 2021... Read More
2020 isn't a long way away now. How about making some energy-saving New Year resolutions? We explain how you can cut back on your electricity and water usage, and save on your DEWA bills. Read More
Moving overseas does not mean you leave your debt behind in the UAE. You take it with you. rounds up simple ways to help you manage your financial obligations from abroad. Read More
It's that time of year again. As we soak in the festive spirit, there's bound to be a universally stressful task waiting to be ticked off on all our to-do lists - The gifts! We explore why the humble 'gift card' may be your best bet in this department. Read More
We may have just found the most efficient way to get out of debt! The 'Debt Avalanche' debt-repayment strategy can help you cut your interest costs and repay your debts faster. Find out how... Read More
Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. And if you're stressing out about all the additional expenses, you may not be alone. Here are some tips on how to stick to a strict budget this year. Read More
In a rush to become debt-free, are you unknowingly taking shortcuts? Certain mistakes can be detrimental to your current as well as future financial well-being. Here are seven traps to steer clear of on your path to debt repayment. Read More
If you’ve ever wondered how the value of your car impacts your insurance quote, here’s a simple explanation... Read More
Have you been buying car insurance the wrong way till now? Worse yet, is your car insurance policy wrong for you? Make sure that you don't end up with the wrong cover by following these six simple tips... Read More
Do you know what can take your car insurance from HERO to ZERO? Overlooking its finer details before you sign up. We've gone through the small print extensively to reveal some of the most common limitations of car insurance policies. Read More
Souqalmal has launched a fast, straightforward and safe way of buying your insurance directly from insurance providers. We're putting you back in control and here's how... Read More
Looking for a safe and quick way to meet your urgent cash requirements? How about selling your electronics and getting instant cash in return? And the best part - You can buy your items back too! Read More
Fraudulent agents collecting cash payments, policies being miss-sold, cheap quotes offered by forging driver details - Souqalmal uncovers the latest scams to hit the car insurance market in the UAE. Read More
Souqalmal introduces its virtual SME Insurance platform, where business owners can search for, compare and purchase the most crucial and mandatory business insurance plans online. Read More
Souqalmal launched its monthly payment service for car insurance just over a month back. And the response from our customers has been nothing short of great. We take a look at what some of our customers thought about the service... Read More
Will your health insurance cover Coronavirus testing, diagnosis and treatment? Our team answers some of the most pressing questions right here. Read More
With Coronavirus related lay offs and salary cuts set to impact lives, how are banks stepping up to support customers? And what steps can you take to get back on your feet? Read More
Whether you're busy or simply lazy, there's no denying the convenience offered by on-demand grocery delivery apps. Here's a look at some of the most popular grocery shopping apps in Dubai. Read More
Leaving the UAE? The process of moving out can be a rather complicated one. From cancelling your visa to sorting your financial affairs, here's everything you need to take care of to be able to exit the UAE with zero hassle. Read More
The Souqalmal team brings innovation to the insurance industry, with an aim to support residents reeling under the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis Read More
Feeling the financial crunch? You're not alone. If you're looking for some financial respite, take a look at some of the most common monthly expenses that have the potential to turn into savings. Read More
This pandemic has blindsided everyone. And among the ones who are able to tide over these tough times, are those who had an emergency fund in place. Here's how you can use your emergency fund wisely and stretch it to last during the crisis. Read More
Are you aware that you may not have the first right over your End of Service Benefits? Your personal loan contract may give your bank the right to adjust your gratuity and final salary towards your outstanding loan. Read More
The Covid-19 pandemic has not just resulted in uncertainty, anxiety and isolation - It has also transformed our vocabulary. Here are the 7 phrases that have become our buzzwords amidst this crisis. Read More
It’s the time of the year when car dealerships across the country offer the most attractive car deals. Here is our roundup of the best UAE car offers up for grabs this Ramadan. Read More
While the most stringent of Dubai's lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the Emirate's fight against the Coronavirus epidemic is far from over. Our team answers some of the biggest questions UAE residents have at the moment. Read More
Ramadan 2020 is going to be different, no doubt. Will social distancing and lockdown restrictions dampen the spirit of Ramadan? We take a look at how you can make best of the situation... Read More
Has the lockdown left you feeling anxious and vulnerable? In this article, we share some of the common worries among UAE residents, why you need to prioritize your mental health, and how you can cope amid this chaos. Read More
Coronavirus-linked online scams are popping up everywhere. With people losing millions to scammers across the world, we take a look at some of the most notorious online scams and how you can avoid them. Read More
Is grocery shopping stressing you out? While you don't want to put your health at risk going out to the supermarket, online grocery shopping may sometimes go bust too! So, where do we stand ?! Read More
Had to cancel the vacation you had been looking forward to? While your travel plans may have been put on hold for now, how about some virtual travel to keep that travel bug satisfied?! Read More
How do you make sure your house isn't harboring an invited guest - The Coronavirus? Follow this step-by-step guide to disinfect your home. Read More
As Dubai enters a 24-hour lockdown for two weeks, confusion and rumors are making it difficult for residents to figure out what's permitted and what's not. So, we've prepared a simple and comprehensive guide to get you all the facts... Read More
Are you a homeowner looking for financial relief during these uncertain times? Mortgage refinance may be the solution you're looking for. Read More
Amid the Covid-19 lockdown and closure of gyms and fitness centers, home workouts have become incredibly popular. Here's how you can stay in shape, even in self-isolation. Read More
Worried about how you're going to afford your kids' school fees amid this crisis? Help has finally arrived in the form of interest-free installment plans and fee reductions. Read More
Social distancing, self-isolation, self-quarantine - Call it what you may, but there's no denying that being away from friends and family is going to take a psychological toll on you. To get you through the lockdown, here are some great ways to keep those social interactions going! Read More
Among a host of financial relief measures announced by banks in the UAE, there's some good news for first-time home buyers - You only need to put 20% down payment on your first property purchase. Read More
Have you heard about the latest news on car registrations in the UAE? You can now renew your car registration exclusively online. The only requirement - Car insurance ! Read More
You're at home with the kids 24x7. How do you help them keep up with their learning, while retaining your own sanity? Our CEO (and mum to two kids) shares her tips... Read More
The UAE Central Bank has just announced a financial stimulus program to support the country's economy and banking system. Here's what this means for you. Read More
Do you enjoy the convenience of paying with your debit card or look forward to earning bonus rewards with your credit card? Or do you prefer to simply transact with cash? We take a look at all these three payment methods to help you choose the right mix for... Read More
Eating healthy on a budget - Yes, it's possible! We share some tips, hacks and ways you can enjoy a healthy diet without splurging. Read More
How can you use your credit cards to save on travel expenses? Besides the obvious air miles benefit, we explore a number of other travel hacks - All thanks to your credit card! Read More
As more and more millennials take the path to financial freedom, we can't help but compare our humble journeys with that of Prince Harry and Meghan. Read More
With Dubai being an expat hotspot, newcomers are always looking to rent or buy a house, while existing residents look to upgrade. Here's how you can find a trustworthy real estate agent who isn't out to dupe you. Read More
Are you struggling with managing money? Social media could be the culprit. Find out how you can avoid social media's negative influence on your financial happiness. Read More
With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading across the world like wildfire, it is important to know if your travel insurance will protect you, and to what extent. Read More
Takaful is an Islamic alternative to conventional insurance. But do you understand how Takaful plans really work? We break down the concept for you, and also take a look at the UAE Takaful market. Read More
We’re a generation of customers that want things NOW. Food, cabs, entertainment… even credit cards! Instant approvals for credit cards are changing the game, here's how... Read More
With virtual money flying out of your pockets, it is difficult to keep a tab on your finances. We take you back to the basics with the traditional 'envelope budgeting' system and how to make it work for you in 2020. Read More’s latest survey uncovers widespread lack of awareness around rain and flood coverage under UAE car insurance policies. Read More
Most of us talk about our financial resolutions for the new year, but how many of us actually stay on track to achieve these? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make your money resolutions stick in 2020. Read More
Have you heard of the famous 'KonMari' tyding method made popular by decluttering expert and TV personality - Marie Kondo? We figure out how this method can be applied to organizing your finances. Read More
Looking for a way to boost your earnings and securing a financially stable future? Here are some legitimate ways you can start earning a 'passive income'. Read More
Do you want to take your goal of 'staying fit' seriously this year? Getting the right gym membership is a great first step! Here’s what some of the most coveted gym memberships in Dubai will get you. Read More
Want to take a break from retail therapy and do your bank account some good? We explore the 'No Spend Days' budgeting technique and help you figure out whether it's a hit or miss. Read More
Confused about which water delivery service to choose? We take a closer look at the various options available across the market to help make your decision easier. Read More
Looking for a travel rewards credit card that doesn't disappoint? We've ranked top-notch Skywards Miles linked cards that get you free flight tickets, upgrades and a bunch of other perks on Emirates Airlines! Read More
National Bonds offer a Shari’a compliant approach to financial products and services in the UAE. But are they as low-risk as they claim to be? We explore what this unique financial instrument has to offer. Read More
Lack of a permanent future in the UAE has been the reason for many a sleepless nights for expats nearing retirement. It may be time to put that worry behind you. Read on to find out how. Read More
Who doesn't like a good deal? And for UAE residents looking for discounts on dining, entertainment, and much more - Options are aplenty! We stack top discount apps against each other to see which one stands out the most. Read More
For movie buffs, the only thing better than buying tickets to the cinema is buying them at a discount. And the bargain popcorn is a bonus too! Here's how you can save on your next movie outing. Read More
Are you aware of how to lodge a complaint with the UAE Central Bank? details the process and the conditions related to lodging your grievances with the country's financial regulator. Read More
It’s that time of the year again – the most awaited Friday Sales and the highlight of every bargain hunter’s calendar take place this weekend. We put together a guide to help you make the best of Friday promotions. Read More
Want to decorate your rented home, while staying on budget and in your landlord's good books? We've shortlisted five great ways to help you get started! Read More
The UAE Cabinet has just passed a federal law that's going to protect struggling borrowers from jail time and prosecution. Here's all you need to know about the new financial insolvency law and what it means for you. Read More
Looking for a new home in sunny Dubai? These new and popular residential areas offer everything from affordable rents to fitness facilities, shopping centres and more. Read More
After being cooped up indoors for the better part of the year, it’s finally time to turn off that air conditioning and head out. Here are some affordable ways to help you make the most of the season. Read More
With the country's biggest lucky draws offering winnings of anywhere between 1 Million to a whopping 15 Million Dirhams - Would you want to try your luck? Read More
Ever since Airbnb officially launched in Dubai in 2016, property owners have the option of using the popular platform for renting their apartments and villas for short tenures. Want to rent out your property on Airbnb minus all the hassle? Keep reading... Read More
What's your fuel of choice - Super or Special? We explain the difference between both the fuel variants sold in the UAE and how you can pick the right one for your car. Read More
Do you always have trouble finding a free-of-charge parking spot? Dubai residents have plenty of free parking options, even within the most popular areas. We've rounded these up right here! Read More
The concept of 'Credit Shield' is often surrounded by many misconceptions. Find out exactly how the credit shield feature can benefit you and whether it is worth shelling out a few hundred Dirhams for. Read More
We sought out and rounded up the top meal delivery subscriptions available in the UAE with their unique offerings and features. Scroll ahead to find out which could be the one for you. Read More
Have you discovered the joys of 'Upcycling' yet? Find out how re-using and re-purposing old items can give them (and your budget) a new lease of life. Read More
There's another type of bank fraud that's making the rounds these days - The infamous 'magic pen' scam is back in the UAE. Here's what you can do to avoid becoming the next victim. Read More
Being a first-time parent can be overwhelming. For starters, there's so much stuff you need to buy to prepare for the baby's arrival. Here's a shopping guide to help you figure out everything you need for your newborn and where to find it in the UAE. Read More
The UAE Central Bank has announced new rules for home loans in the country. Find out what these changes mean for you. Read More
Food wastage in the UAE is close to 200 kgs per person, per year! That's a LOT of food going down the rubbish bin, and a lot of your dirhams going down the drain. Here's how you can cut food waste, starting now... Read More
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