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The newly launched VAT-refund scheme is great news for tourists planning to visit the UAE. If you too have friends or family visiting soon, here's all you need to know about how the tax refund system actually works. Read More
Are your trips to the car garage becoming more frequent? Are you thinking of replacing your car, but aren't sure if you can afford the switch? We've shortlisted some tips to help you decide. Read More
Digital-only banks, futuristic banking kiosks & lifestyle banking apps are changing our perception of traditional banking. And with the country's biggest banks embracing 'digital', the future of banking looks very exciting. Read More
Do you always leave the mall with more than you intended to buy, and a wallet that's lighter than you intended it to be? You're not alone! Find out what tactics retailers use to trick you into buying more. Read More
Worried about what to expect with your bank announcing its plans to merge? With a few simple steps and precautions, you can ensure the transition to the new banking entity is a smooth one. Read More
Heard the buzz around the new loan transfer regulations in the UAE? Here's a detailed account of all you need to know about the Central Bank's latest move, and how it affects existing and potential borrowers. Read More
We've all grown up hearing a bunch of quotes and sayings about money. If you thought these messages were simply cheesy, think again! Most of these sayings are actually great financial advice, and here's why. Read More
No credit cardholder is immune to credit card fraud. But a prompt response and clear understanding of how to dispute fraudulent transactions can save the day! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to handle credit card fraud in the UAE. Read More
There's a wide variety of borrowers who borrow for an even wider variety of reasons. But there's a common set of qualities that separate responsible borrowers from reckless ones. Do you fit the bill? Read More
Want to boost the range of your electric vehicle? The team at CarBook Magazine has shortlisted seven measures you can take to maximize your EV's performance, as well as your driving pleasure! Read More
Cruising for rent-a-car deals in the UAE? Look no further. Rental Cars UAE pride themselves on providing exceptional travel experience for tourists and long term renters alike. Read More
Looking for ways to boost the value of your home? Here are some practical tips and tricks to make your property truly stand out and make prospective buyers go 'Wow'! Read More
Moving to a new apartment can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Here's a handy guide to help you prepare for and manage the relocation and living expenses up ahead. Read More
UAE's most trusted insurance comparison website has now added 'Bike Insurance' to its ever-growing list of comparison services. Want to buy cheap bike insurance without compromising on the benefits? Look no further! Read More
With VoIP calls banned in the UAE, are you still looking for budget-friendly alternatives to stay in touch with your loved ones back home? Look no further! We've gathered all the information you need about internet calling services in the UAE, right here. Read More
Feeling lucky? Your bank account or credit card could get you a lot more than you can imagine! Read on for the latest scoop on the most attractive bank offers and promotions in the UAE that are sure to catch your attention. Read More
A road warrior, collector or enthusiast, whatever category you fall into, it is essential to acquire an appropriate motorcycle insurance cover before you hop on the saddle. clarifies all you need to know about insuring your bike in the UAE. Read More
To get the maximum possible benefit from your insurance policy, you should have a clear understanding of what is excluded and what could void your cover. breaks down the small print in your Bike Insurance policy. Read More
It’s the time of the year when enthusiasts blow the dirt off their bikes and prepare to experience the joy of riding. But before you hit the road, read through these safety and maintenance tips every rider must know and follow. Read More
With the UAE Central Bank increasing its key lending rate yet again, savers and borrowers are left wondering how this move will impact their finances in the near future. delves deeper into the subject. Read More
Call them what you may - Loan Sharks, Private Money Lenders, Unlicensed Lenders - These lenders-of-last-resort must be avoided like the plague. If you're struggling to free yourself from the clutches of a loan shark, here are some tips to help you out. Read More
Do you find yourself living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely ending the month with a positive bank balance? It's about time you had a 'financial intervention' and turned that cash deficit into a surplus. Read More
With international-curriculum schools in Dubai charging fees that are nothing less than a small fortune, a new school has come up with an offer that parents may find hard to resist. In an iconic move, Renaissance School is waiving first-term fees for founding parents! Read More
Want to upgrade your eyewear without burning a hole in your wallet? Whatever be your object of desire - Color contact lenses, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Prescription Lenses - eyewa, the largest online eyewear store in the Middle East, has just the offer for you! Read More
Can’t wait to rig up your yacht and head out on the pristine turquoise waters of the Gulf? But before you set sail, make sure your yacht is adequately insured. Read More
If you’re planning to set sail into the endless sea, keeping your yacht and its occupants safe would be your top concern. And so, getting the right yacht insurance cover is one aspect of yachting you just can’t ignore. Read More
A shout out to all the sailing enthusiasts out there! Before you brace yourself for the sailing season, it is essential that you carry out the maintenance work needed on your boat. Read More
Sailing season stirs up a lot of excitement among Dubai’s yachting community. But before you prepare to explore the azure, here are a few tips to get your beloved yacht ready to set sail. Read More
To make your insurance as straightforward as possible, complete clarification of the limitations and restrictions in your policy is necessary. lists the general exclusions in a Yacht Insurance policy. Read More
For an investment as huge and as treasured as your yacht, obtaining an insurance cover not only affords peace of mind, it makes perfect financial sense. helps stipulate the process and parameters of the policy you need based on you, your yacht and where you plan to sail.... Read More
Thinking of buying a Tesla? The elite fleet of automobiles is now available in the UAE for you to get your hands on. But before you do so follow this guide to learn all you need to know about buying a Tesla. Read More
A lot of time, money and effort goes into planning the perfect holiday, and to have it canceled or cut short at the last moment can be the worst feeling. But with travel insurance you can save thousands on travel expenses. Here's how. Read More
An end-to-end online customer journey, instant quotes, and a 20-minute time to policy -’s newly launched travel insurance aggregator has got it all. Read More
Myths about money can prompt you to make careless decisions, which in turn can jeopardize your financial stability. Our team has tried to debunk some of the most prevalent financial myths in this article. Make sure you steer clear of them in the future. Read More
Do you feel like you're always lagging behind your financial goals? Whatever be your end goal - Becoming debt-free, securing a comfortable retirement, or simply getting better at budgeting - These personal finance books, shortlisted by our team, will give you a great start. Read More
Are you planning for your next holiday? According to the survey conducted by Souqalmal, about half the UAE residents fail to secure a travel insurance policy before they leave for the holidays. Read More
Want to plan your dream wedding, but have a tight budget to work with? Fret not! A bit of creative thinking can help you keep the cost of your wedding low, without compromising on the experience. Here are a few wedding planning tips that can help you stay on-budget. Read More
Being a new parent can be overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. The welfare of your little one becomes a priority and everything from healthcare to education requires careful planning. Consider these money management tips to help you take on (and ace) the role of a financially responsible parent. Read More
Does it make sense to concentrate on early debt settlement or risk investing, letting debt repayment run its course? Living paycheck to paycheck, you might find yourself caught in this financial dilemma. helps you figure out if there’s a right answer. Read More
Home maintenance can derail your finances, especially if you don't budget for unforeseen expenses. It's a good idea to set aside some money in case you have to deal with any repairs or damages in the future. Follow these 7 tips for on-budget home maintenance. Read More
Are you ready for the school season? With schools reopening soon, you may be feeling the financial stress that comes with the annual ritual of purchasing school supplies. Follow these tips to help you plan your budget for this back-to-school season. Read More
In this digital era, with virtual money flying out of your pockets, it is difficult to keep a tab on your finances. takes you back to the basics explaining the traditional envelope system of budgeting and how to make it work for you in 2018. Read More
Have you been splurging this summer? When it comes to celebrations and festivities, sticking to a planned budget can be difficult. Why not follow these few tips to help you recover from a busted budget. Read More
Using your credit or debit card abroad? Beware of the conversion trap called 'Dynamic Currency Conversion'. We explain how it works and why paying in Dirhams could end up being a costly mistake for you. Read More
As Eid Al Adha arrives, families and friends will come together to share happiness and prosperity by exchanging gifts. But if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, don't worry! These exciting gift ideas and offers will surely leave a lasting impression without burning... Read More
Budgeting is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. But even the best devised budgets can have loopholes. rounds up the mistakes that can make all the difference between a great budget and one that may be a deal breaker. Read More
As a member of the exclusive Ferrari owners’ club, car insurance should be the most critical factor for you to consider. With such an elite vehicle at stake, ensuring you get the right level of cover is key. summarizes the best ways to obtain an insurance plan as... Read More
Thinking of renewing your car registration? With registration services online, car owners can now renew their car registration effortlessly and in a timely manner. Follow these simple steps to renew your registration without any struggles. Read More
With credit card companies in neck and neck competition to grab new customers, it is crucial for the average consumer to understand what’s really behind the marketing hype. works out whether the offers, deals and discounts on UAE credit cards are all they’re made out to be. Read More
We’re bang in the middle of summer when the school break is on and the sun is shining high over the city. With travel plans in motion, have you set the seal on whether you are properly insured against any mishaps? Read on for the importance of understanding the... Read More
When it comes to travel insurance, one size does not fit all! We take a look at the variants that most UAE insurers offer, and help you decide what will work best for you. Read More
Looking forward to some quiet time for yourself on your next travel destination ? Traveling solo to an unknown or new destination can be a good opportunity to discover yourself and achieve that balance in life. Follow these few tips for solo traveling for women. Read More
Are you thinking of relocating to a new country? Relocating offers you the chance to start afresh and find that stability in a new country. But it can be an expensive endeavor. Here are a few tips to move without burning a hole in your pocket. Read More
Are you looking to steer clear of hefty traffic fines and have a clean driving record? Motorists should keep in mind these 10 major Abu Dhabi traffic fines while on the road. Read More
Driving with a good understanding of road rules can help you avoid heavy fines. Here are 7 traffic fines you should be aware of when driving down the roads in Sharjah. Read More
Are you aware of all the traffic fines in Dubai? Traffic violations don't just put you and others in harm's way, but also translate into expensive penalties. Here's a round-up of some of the traffic fines you must remember to avoid while behind the wheel. Read More reveals what’s really behind three of the most common credit card advertisement and marketing hooks. Read More
Are your travels burning a hole in your pocket? Traveling to a foreign country means exchanging currency, which can be an expensive endeavor for many holidaymakers. Follow these foreign exchange tips to save more on your travels. Read More
Ever dream of going backpacking across Europe? Traveling independently across the world can be quite an adventure. Follow these tips on how you can backpack safely across Europe. Read More
Ever had your luggage delayed, damaged or lost at the airport ? Losing your luggage is the definition of a traveler's nightmare. But with these 4 tips you can learn how to retrieve your lost luggage. Read More
Are you all packed for a new holiday destination? Travelling can be an exciting experience until you fall for travel scams that can deceive you, turning your vacation into a miserable one. Learn how you can avoid falling for these 5 travel scams. Read More
Wondering if you should get TPL Insurance for your car? Before you purchase any policy, it's wise to understand the key features and benefits to get the most out of your car insurance plan. Follow this guide to learn if TPL is the right option for you. Read More
Are you looking for the most cost-effective supermarket to buy your groceries? Souqalmal compared the bills of 6 supermarkets to get most economical option for shoppers in the UAE. Find out what the results revealed. Read More
It can be a constant battle trying to decide where to put your extra cash. Should you use it to save for a long-term goal, build an emergency fund or settle debt? tackles the critical question. Read More
Credit Card Reward programs are banks’ way of enticing customers to sign up. But are they as rewarding as they are made out to be? Read More
Can’t seem to wrap your head around your unusually high car insurance premium? Find out why your car insurance premium may be higher than others, and what you can do to remedy this. Read More
Want to earn more Air Miles? Dubai Mall offers shoppers the opportunity to earn more air miles when they shop at any retail stores. Find out more about how you can earn miles. Read More
As part of ‘The Debt Panel’, The National published an article about a couple who borrowed AED 900,000 from family and friends and now they want it back. Read More
UAE Central Bank has announced that it will be placing new caps on the certain fees that banks can charge their customers in the UAE. Read More
Charging fees or commissions on retail bank services is now stricter in the UAE after Central Bank's new amendment. Read More
With low interest rates and the prospect of debt consolidation, balance transfer can prove to be a potential debt lifesaver. outlines how to use balance transfer to your best advantage. Read More
DWTC events and exhibitions produce great value in overall non-trade business activities and support thousands of jobs in the UAE. Find out more about the most contributing sector in the World Trade Centre. Read More
How tech-savvy online shoppers are looking beyond borders for the best deals. Read More
Looking for a way to reduce the cost your traffic fines? Abu Dhabi introduced a 25% discount on parking fines for motorists who pay their fines within 30 days of issuance. Find out more about the discount. Read More
Dubai Airport Free Zone has revealed it's plans to create the world's first B2B smart commerce for businesses in the UAE. Read More
Moving overseas does not mean you leave your debt behind in the UAE. You take it with you. rounds up simple ways to help you manage your financial obligations from abroad. Read More
Banks across the UAE offer exclusive privileges to credit card holders and exciting deals on new credit card applications during Ramadan. Here is our pick of the top credit card deals on the market. Read More
Are you struggling with unsettled debts? Paying your debts requires persistent focus, motivation and determination.  But it can be overwhelming if you are trying to pay off your debts in one go and without a clear strategy. Here are 5 steps you can learn to successfully pay off your debt in no... Read More
Thinking of buying a car or applying for a car loan in Dubai? Here are some tips and head ups to look out for before you do... Read More
The benefits of Air Miles just got better. You can now use your air miles to purchase property in the UAE. Read More
Online Shopping in the Middle East tends to be popular during Eid-Al-Fitr because it is the tradition of gift-giving. Read More
Are you thinking about investing your money and wondering if you should enlist the help of a financial advisor or try the DIY approach? team sheds light on the highs and lows of hiring a professional. Read More
It’s the time of the year when car distributors across the country offer the most attractive car deals. Here is our roundup of the best UAE car offers up for grabs this Ramadan. Read More
Souqalmal’s 2018 bank satisfaction survey is a reflection of how pleased customers are with their banking experience. Here are the results! Read More
You may be on a strict budget, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice having fun with your children. Here are ways to get you started... Read More
Many retailers, banks and telecom companies in the UAE offer deals on the iPhone X. We help summarize the different offerings in the UAE... Read More
How and when do Credit Card Interests get charged? Here's a simple summary on the interest calculated on Credit Cards. Read More
Being a stay-at-home mum is no easy task, with mums managing multiple tasks in their households. We found out how much it would cost to outsource a stay-at-home mum's work and the results may surprise you. Read More
Monthly payment for your Car Insurance? Yes, you can now with allow customers to pay their Car Insurance over a 12 months period. Read More
Clueless about how to invest in the stock market? To help you navigate through it we've summarized some tips on how to go about it carefully. Read More
Bitcoin fraud comes in different shapes and sizes. Here are a few common types of scams that you must be aware of Read More
We've listed down some tips to help you get down to business, define your financial goals, and start working towards them. Read More
We’ve prepared a checklist so you don’t miss out on any of these important must-dos before leaving the UAE Read More
Constantly not paying your Credit Card outstanding in time? Here are the consequences of having a credit card debt in the UAE Read More
Looking for some pocket-friendly inspiration this Valentine's Day? Here are some of these offers from credit card providers in the UAE. Read More
A month into 2018, things are still some way unclear for residents of the UAE regarding the VAT implementation.Will VAT impact your car sale? Read More
We all love talking but not if it causes our mobile phone bill to skyrocket. So, how can you ensure your bill remains within your budget while you stay in touch with your loved ones? Here are six steps to make that happen. Read More
Want to cut the costs on your next home insurance policy? Here are five tips to help you save money on your home insurance premium. Read More
Here’s everything you need to know about property and casualty insurance and how it could be of relevance to you and your business. Read More
We summarized the regulations that govern your personal loan eligibility and the things you must do before submitting your loan application. Read More
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