If you’ve accumulated traffic fines and black points over the years in the UAE, you would know exactly how big a financial drain it is – Both in terms of hefty fine payments as well as high car insurance premiums.

But what if you could wipe the slate clean and start afresh with a spotless driving record? From starting the year with zero fines on record to taking up a course to rebuild your driving track record, here are the bits you need to be aware of:

Shoot a video, Get Your Traffic Fines Waived Off In The UAE

Have you committed a traffic fine in RAK and can’t afford it at the moment? What if there’s a way to wipe it away..What would you be willing to do? Drivers with minor traffic violations can shoot a Whatsapp video and it’ll be like it never happened. Yes, you heard right! By filming a Whatsapp video to develop public awareness, you can have your traffic fine canceled. All you need to do is shoot an awareness video send it via WhatsApp to (0565245809). The videos should not be more than one minute long and should feature the motorist himself, giving advice on good road behavior and traffic rules and regulations to other people. The traffic advice included should be given to at least five people, who are five years old and over and all videos should be submitted within a maximum 10 days from the date of being fined. Thereafter the fine shall be canceled if it fits the criteria of the video filmed and shared

Get those black points canceled

Earlier this year, Abu Dhabi Police announced that it would cancel black points received by drivers due to minor traffic violations. Black points accumulated due to minor traffic offenses registered before July 1, 2017 (specifically excluding violations caused due to driving dangerously, jumping the red signal, driving intoxicated, exceeding the maximum speed limit and such) will be removed from drivers’ traffic files.

The initiative gave drivers with less serious traffic offenses on record, a chance to clean up their act and start complying with the traffic regulations. The announcement came just before the introduction of stricter new traffic fines and penalties under the amended federal traffic law.

Get educated and start with a clean slate

In May 2017, Abu Dhabi Police launched a three-part training course to offer relief to motorists by having black points removed from their driving license, having their suspended driving license reinstated or getting their confiscated car back.

The program is aimed at spreading awareness about road traffic regulations among repeat offenders and those who have caused serious traffic violations.

Here are details of the course:

  • The first course is for drivers who have accumulated anywhere between 8 to 23 black points. The course allows them to cut the number of black points on their traffic file, by up to 8 black points per year.
  • The second course is more intensive and is designed for drivers who have accumulated more than 24 black points and have had their driving license suspended.
  • The third and most intensive training course is for drivers who have had their car confiscated.
  • The course will be conducted in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi and you can call the Abu Dhabi Police service line at 600 566006 for further details.

Stay on the lookout for such courses and opportunities across other emirates as well. Dubai Police and Sharjah Police have also run similar courses in the past to help drivers in these emirates reduce their traffic black points and start anew.

Pay off your old traffic fines (at a discount!)

In celebration of the 46th National Day of the UAE, motorists across the country will be eligible for a 50 percent discount on traffic fines accumulated in the eleven-month period from January 1, 2017 to December 2, 2017. Motorists across all emirates are eligible for this discount provided they pay the fines within 90 days of the scheme being announced (starting from December 2, 2017).

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