Are you still undecided on summer activities for your kids? If you’ve exhausted the list of options available, a relatively new one you could consider is computer programming or coding.

Computer literacy education is lacking in the UAE

Computer-programming literacy is becoming increasingly critical in order to excel in the various areas of daily and professional life. Yet, few middle and high school students in the UAE are exposed to computer programming as part of their school curriculum.  And the UAE is not different from countries like the United States where currently only one out of ten high schools offer computer-programming classes.

It’s no surprise then that more parents are choosing technology related areas for their children’s extra-curricular activity.

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How does it work?

There are several schools in Dubai that teach computer programming to students between the ages of 8 and 16 years.  Students are taught programming using methodologies and tools used by developers from the industry instead of simplified programming systems for beginners.

The courses usually start with brainstorming sessions of various ideas that students can work on throughout the course; allowing them to collaborate towards a common goal.

On the technical front, the children can learn programming languages including HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. By the end of the courses, they use the languages they have learnt to implement a prototype of their idea.

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What are the benefits of kids’ coding courses?

While coding may not be an obvious pastime choice for parents, their benefits can be significant in the long-run. Learning coding at a young age can help develop expertise in web design, programming and mobile application development. By making sure your child acquires the key skills needed, you could help boost his/her future in technology.

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What coding courses are available in the UAE?

If you’re sold on the idea of sending your child to computer courses this summer, check out the list of classes offered in the UAE:

Name Courses Location Age(years) Details
Coding Circle Website, mobile phone apps and games programming Downtown, Dubai 8 – 16
  • The duration of this course is eight days
  • The cost of the course is AED 4,800
Computer Explorers MinecraftEDU, computer programming Nation Galleria, Abu Dhabi  6 – 14
  • The duration of this course either one day or between one to four weeks
  • The cost of the course ranges from AED 250 to AED 3,200 depending on the duration
Al Khawarizmi International College Computers, graphic designing and animation Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi 6 – 16
  • The duration of this course is six weeks
  • The cost of the course is AED 1,900
 MetaMindz Mobile phone apps, computer apps Al Barsha, Dubai 10 – 14
  • The duration of the mobile app course is four days and the computer app course is five days
  • The cost of the course is AED 1,950
 MetaMindz Mobile phone apps and tech animation Motorcity, Dubai 9 – 14
  • The duration of this course is 10 days
  • The cost of the course is AED 650
MetaMindz Mobile phone apps JLT, Dubai 9 – 14
  • The duration of this course is 10 days
  • The cost of the course is AED 950

Coding Circle provides introductory summer classes for students at the Impact Hub in Souk Al Bahar, starting June 28.