Fancy a round of golf this weekend? This addictive hobby can get quite expensive. Green fees in the UAE can be over AED 800 per 18 hole game and, if you play as a couple once a week, that can add up to AED 6,400!

However, thanks to a selection of credit cards by banks providing golf discounts and privileges, golf can now be much more affordable. And the good news for golf lovers – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Perks range from complimentary rounds at golf clubs for you and your friends to discounts at clubs worldwide, reduced green fees and discounts at a club’s retail and dining outlets.

However, before you sign up for the first offer you see, it might be worth checking if your existing credit card comes with golf benefits. If it does, then take advantage of those added extras now.

Hidden costs

This is where you need to be selective and consider exactly what you want from your credit card.

  • If you only want the card for its golf benefits then pick the card that works best for you; this means picking the card that gives you complimentary games or discounts at your favorite club.
  • Alternatively, if you travel a lot, pick a card that gives you the best discounts at clubs around the world.
  • When you are selecting a golf-specific card, look out for hidden costs such as annual fees. These range from zero cost to thousands, so make sure you are not paying out more in fees that you get back in complimentary golf games. Obviously the higher the fees the more benefits you receive; so, if you want several perks from your card, you may need to pay more to get them.

And don’t forget credit cards that offer the best perks can come with high minimum salary requirements and a hefty joining fee too. So evaluate all the costs to ensure you gain from having the card.

If you sign up for a card offering golf privileges and you don’t play any golf, you could end up losing out.

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